Do We Still Have a Double Standard?

Subject: RE: Complaint re Anonymous Ad in Comox Valley Echo

Hi Colin:

Please accept this email in response to your letter dated January 3, 2011, “Unauthorized Advertisement Placed in Comox Valley Echo.”

The advertisement that you provided with your letter, headlined, “It’s Easy to See Who’s Behind The Recall Campaign,” was determined to be recall advertising in relation to the Oak Bay-Gordon Head recall petition. Our office has confirmed that this advertisement was placed by Kevin Tevington, the anti-recall campaign manager for Don McRae, MLA for Comox Valley.

As a result, our office requested that the Comox Valley Anti-Recall Campaign register as a recall advertising sponsor in relation to the Oak Bay-Gordon Head recall petition. Mr. Tevington has complied with this request and has registered the campaign.

The Comox Valley Anti-Recall Campaign will be required to file an advertising disclosure report in relation to the Oak Bay-Gordon Head recall petition. This report is in addition to any filing that may be required in relation to a Comox Valley recall petition. Our office has also instructed Mr. Tevington regarding the important requirement to include the authorization statement on all recall advertising messages.

I trust that your inquiry is satisfied.

Best regards,

Greg Macdonald
Sr. Electoral Finance Reviewer
Elections BC 1-800-661-8683

The first response I got when I sent this out in my email list was from Terry Hand. And it was the response I was looking for. 


  They pester and threaten signatories with harsh penalties under the claim of
  allegedly signing the
  initiative petition more than once, yet they allow this guy
  compliance...after the fact!
  A continued pattern of double standard and bias.

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Anonymous said...

Campbell is a criminal, as we know, from all of the new info, of his, theft and corrupt sale of the BCR. Craig James, snivels of his threatening e-mail, which is just another dirty tactic. A threat to an elderly lady in her eighties, is only something Campbell and James would do. Bloggers get numerous death threats. A blogger got a death threat, for his wife and children. A blogger was shoulder checked not once, but twice. Her children were with her, when she was attacked. A blogger, had his office broken into and trashed. There was a pointed message left for him. Recall canvassers, are stalked by, people wearing dark clothing. They stalk the canvassers, right up to the citizens stoops. They have to be in pairs, for their safety's sake. People wearing, "observers" badges, hover over the stationary canvassers. In BC we have the, fascist dictator, the henchmen. We have the propaganda media, and the corrupt police state. In BC we even have, the true face of evil. We have a "leader"? Full of, hate, spite, malice and so vindictive, it fills you with disgust.