Oak Bay Gordon Head "Burma Shave" Signing Location Tuesday Jan 4th

 From the Ida Chong Recall organizers

We want to hold a 'Burma Shave" - (lots of people with signs) on Shelbourne St (just south of Cedar Hill Cross Road - there is a McDonalds on the corner) - we need a good turnout.  For those who can make it, turn onto Church Ave (first street southwest of Cedar Hill X Road, directly across the street from the Fairway Market sign and park on Cottonwood, which is the first street off Church on the left. Start time would be 7:30 AM (make your best time, as traffic really picks up, at 07:45 AM. THIS WILL BE A "DRIVE THRU SIGNATURE MOBILE OPERATION".  The idea is to put a number of volunteers along Shelbourne to catch lots of people going back to work after the holidays, and get some signatures.  Michael Krancevic will be coordinating this and the motor home will be there(hot chocolate / apple cider /coffee) - he will bring signs, clipboards and vests.  Some may go to schools after the Burma Shave is over.   Please let us know if you can make it to join the crew.


Anonymous said...

Could you please explain what a "Burma Shave" is? And why is it being organized? i.e. what is the purpose of this event?

Then I might be interested in attending.

Gary E said...

Anon 6:48 AM

I was going to explain some things to you but obviously you only read the title of the post. So read the whole thing then try to figure it out as most of us have done.
Your last statement "Then I might be interested in attending." just tells me that you aren't going to attend anyway and are trying to waste my time. It won't work because, if you note the time of my reply, I'm just waiting for daylight here in the north so I can go Ice Fishing.
Hope you have as good a day as I plan to.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you were right, I just scanned the body of your posting, and I can "figure it out", I guess. Maybe my morning coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet.

However, I'm a supporter of recall, and definitely a supporter of recalling Ida Chong. So, you're wrong if you think I'm just a sh*t disturber. I applaud your efforts to get the word out about recall events, and your other efforts (I'm a newbie to your blog).

However, I still don't really know what that term means (Burma Shave), and I think your message would reach more people if you didn't use obscure terms. Plain language reaches more people, and faster.

Have a good day fishin'

Gary E said...

Thanks for having a second look anon 7:20am.

To tell you the truth I have never heard of a "Burma Shave" before either.

The person who actually wrote that is very busy with the Ida Chong recall and I hesitated to ask him. Just sort of didn't want to make him any busier than he is. What I did was read this and surmised that "Burma Shave" was some sort of an event happening similar to a blitz in getting signatures.

Writing a blog is a constant learning experience and when I get suggestions like you have given here I pull on them later in other blogs.
There are people today who don't understand some abbreviations such as MSM (Mainstream Media) But if a person were to go back and read some earlier postings in most blogs, not only would they find that definition but many others. Of course there probably not enough time in a persons life to catch up on just the blogs in BC and with HST or BC Rail.
If you have any more uestions or want me to followup on "Burma Shave" let me know. In the meantime there may be someone out there reading this that could give us the answer.

I had a great day fishing. Hooked 5 and landed 2. Good enough for dinner.

Anonymous said...

For your information Burma shave and other companies in the states and probably here used to space their advertising messages out along the highway every 50 yds. or so. If I recall correctly they were usually in rhyme to get your attention.

Anonymous said...

Burma Shave explained:


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have seen advertising such as that, but was puzzled by, Burma Shave. Thanks for clarifying that.

We citizens of BC, really appreciate all of the hard working recall people, who are out there in all kinds of weather, on our behalf. Staying out there, despite the attacks on them. Even physical attacks on bloggers, have occurred. Nothing is beneath, Campbell and the BC Liberals dignity they won't do, to keep Campbell out of prison, for his corrupt sale of the BCR. They are using every dirty tactic in the book, to try and save this asinine HST. We are proud of our canvassers and bloggers, who would not sink to the level of Campbell and his henchmen.

Gary E said...

Anons 1:53PM and 5:21 PM.

Thanks very much for your assistance in finding out what BURMA SHAVE was about.
It helps a lot when people like you take the time to help out here.