Comox Valley Starts Recall

There's an interesting article in this morning's Comox Valley Echo. I'd like to clarify a few errors.
Last June, when the Fight HST petition was sent to Elections BC, the local team counted 12, 051 signatures. That is the number still posted on the Fight HST website.
When the signatures were tallied in Victoria during the period after June 30, there were even more signatures than were reported - 12, 888. The difference was the number of local signatures collected outside of the Comox Valley in other ridings.
So really, Don McRae has raised an interesting fact - MORE people actually signed our petition than we even knew. That information came to us from Elections BC on Monday from Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Anton Boegman..
At the end of the signature verification period, Elections BC determined that 2, 673 of those signatures were not acceptable, and informed the proponent, Bill Vander Zalm, that the number of verified signatures in the Comox Valley was 10, 215. That information also came to us for the first time on Monday.
We were not allowed to have a voters list during the anti-HST campaign, so we trusted that people were registered voters if they said they were. Of the 48, 367 people who were registered to vote in the Comox Valley a year and a half ago, 12, 888 DID sign a petition protesting the implementation of the HST, more than we have ever claimed in our petition materials. Elections BC disqualified 5.5% of those signatures. When the dust settled, 21.1% of all voters were found to have officially signed the petition protesting the HST. We will ensure that all of our canvassers understand the importance of those numbers.
The question to ask Don McRae and his team is this: "Do they really think that any voter will now sign the recall petition BECAUSE we reported a lower number of signatures on a past petition than was actually counted? Or because Elections BC disallowed some of those signatures? What is he really saying?"
And the question to ask voters is: "What would you rather have your MLA spend his time on - making strange allegations about a past petition or standing up and representing his constituents rather than his party on issues like the unpopular HST?"
I look forward to hearing some answers.
Kathryn Askew
Recall Comox Valley
Kath Askew has started her Recall Campaign with a bang. And it appears her MLA isn't up to snuff on matters. 

Anyone in her riding who hasn't volunteered and would like to can contact her and apply. Anyone outside the riding who was registered to vote in the 2009 election and whose current address is up to date is encouraged to volunteer. This is our chance folks. Democracy is at stake.


roial1 said...

And don't you just love the fact that the "Honest" politician is going to try to "use legal means" to shut up the opposition?? (A tactic perfected by the right wing to shut down any opposition views durring an election campaign. Like the Cadman suit. Dropped after the election.)
And how the local papers are only printing "letters to the editor" that oppose the recall. (oh ya they have printed one or two but in the main they only print those against the recall.)As if the rest of us are less than we are.
And as for the "Anti democracy" lie, what was it when the winning MLA did NOT tell us he was supporting the HST. In fact the party that wone is on record with the statement " We have no plans at this time to implement an HST" durring the election.

If that is what "THEY" call democracy they are deluded as to what democracy is all about.

Heir Gobles used this type of tactic and you know where that lead.

Anonymous said...

How can we trust Craig James? Harry Neufeld and Rita Johnson, were good honest people, who were trustworthy. Replaced by someone like Craig James, who is willing to do Campbell's dirty work for him? Why is he even, still in that position?

We know, big business said, they will pay Campbell, an unlimited amount of money, to fight to keep the HST. Hochstein, has over $2 trillion to spend. The C.O.C. is also against the BC people. We know the HST is killing BC. We are dead last, of all the other provinces, because of the HST. BC had the most job losses in Dec, because of the HST. We will have, 15.000 more in Jan, because of the HST. BC people shop in the U.S.A. spending millions of dollars there, because of the HST. People by the Alberta border, shop there because of the HST. We don't even keep our BC HST. That goes directly to the other snake in the grass, Harper. And, that's the last we have seen, of our forced HST dollars. Campbell and Hansen lied. They said we would save, from the HST. Wrong!! Our cost of living has gone up, sky high. We BC people, are living in evil times. The BC Liberals, will keep on stealing our money, our assets, until there will be nothing left. That's why, we should get out there, to stop the HST, because, this province is dying.

Gary E said...

Anon 12:16

That would be Linda Johnson from EBC. The former deputy CEO

Rita Johnson was the last leader, and premier under the Socred Banner.

Gary E said...

I might also add here anon 12:16 that as long as the HST is in existence BC has lost control of its own tax structure. By that I mean if the FEDS want to raise the HST there isn't a god damn thing we can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Right Gary, got the first name wrong. Linda it was.

This is what angers me the most. Our BC HST goes to Harper. I don't trust his agenda either. His on going nattering of, we need Global governance, there needs to be a Global governance. We know, Campbell works for Harper, who is also busy selling out Canada. The HST was colluded on by, Campbell, Hansen and Harper, before the election. Hansen, finally did admit, the HST papers, were on his desk, before the election. Besides which, the HST papers, went to Harper, faster than the speed of light. The HST is the very worst thing for BC and the people. You would have to be a total idiot, not to see, the horrendous damage, the HST has done to BC. Once Harper gets control of the money, look out and hang on, we citizens are in for a hell of a bumpy ride, to ruin. We all like our country and provinces. We just have no use for the idiots, who govern us. The HST, is a rotten corrupt lie. Campbell belongs in prison, for his theft and sale of the citizens
BCR. He and Hansen, should be kicked off the planet, for their HST scam.

Gary E said...

Harpers' spouting "global governance" is just him using a soapbox for what I allege is a huge conspiracy by multi national corporations to not only own all natural resources and our water, but to own all the governments as well so they can control the laws and the people.

Anonymous said...

If recall is only launched in those ridings that had close Liberal wins, thats a clear indication that the last election is being re-fought. If the fight is about HST, cleary the recall efforts would be in the premier or finance minister's riding.

Gary E said...

Okay Anon 9:19 you've had your say. Now go back and have a look at the ridings that are in recall. This riding of Carioo Chilcotin was the closest in the election.But have a look at some of the others. The crew here that is recalling our MLA is not re doing the last election. We are definitely a cross section of people here. We actually have supporters of 4 parties including the Liberals who are so mad at our MLA for telling us that she would be following the wishes of her constituents then doing the exact opposite they want her gone.
There is no room in government for people that will not support the people that elected them. And recall is true democracy at work.