HST, Ida Chong Recall and the BC Rail Trial

This morning I forwarded an email to some friends containing some information on the upcoming (January 11,2011) court application to have all the evidence, emails and anything else you can think of that found its' way into the hands of the defense in the Legislature Raids (Basi-Virk) trial returned to the courts.

It's my understanding that this application is being initiated by the Liberal Government in BC. And the optics of that presents a huge problem in more ways than one.
Why would the Liberals want to return this evidence? Could it be that they want to get their hands on it to destroy it? Personally (and I'm not alone), I think so. They don't want a public inquiry. Ever. Why? For one thing a public inquiry would expose the whole truth on the giveaway of our railway. Giveaway you say? Yes exactly. The people of this province, I allege, have not received one dime of this Billion Dollars. In fact with all the tax exemptions, write offs, and indemnities we have most likely shelled out about $235 million of our tax (HST) dollars for CN (now a private company) to take our Railway.In other words paid them to take it.

It is also my understanding that once the trial had ended, that evidence became part of the public domain. It belongs to the public. Not the government, because as we know, this government does not act in the best interests of the people who elected them. The public.

So. Why do I connect this court case to The Recall and the HST? It's a diversion pure and simple.
Aside from the fact that the Mainstream Media in this province is trying to hide every piece of news as to what is going on in the riding of Oak Bay/Gordon Head, the Liberals and big business (headed by Phil Hochstein) have pulled out all the stops. Intimidation, completely false advertising, scare tactics, and personal attacks on Proponents, organizers, and canvassers are only part of the plan. The yellow journalism by the mainstream media is appalling. They are supposed to be reporting the news. Not copying Liberal press releases and slanting the news.
The HST and Recall Campaign are the biggest news this country has ever seen. Glen Clarks sundeck (of which he was absolved of all charges) was nothing. Nothing compared to what is going on in this province today.And Gordon Campbell had the complete backing of the Yellow Journalism in this province.
And I'll tell you here as I have said in comments on other blogs, " there are no main political parties in this province, nor in this country that want to see this recall succeed".
Why? Because the politicians will see that the voters now have something that will make them tow the line. Not do what big business or any special interest group tells them to do.

Now, for those of you who have a recall possible in your riding, just have a look at the money being poured into the riding and the Propaganda Photo Ops being done by the liberals for their MLA's.  So if there are any ridings that may be thinking about not recalling their MLA at this time I suggest that you don't give up. Just think of the money your area could get.
Let's not forget that any stalling is giving Big Business about $200,000,000 out of your pocket. Money they don't need and that you can ill afford.
The Liberals would have you believe that their problem is that they "rolled out the tax wrongly". Bullshit. Their problem is that they forced it on us at all.
Had the liberals not given away our railway, semi privatized the BC Ferries, dismantled Hydro and raped our rivers, this province would not need the taxes they have forced on us. Nor the user fees or surtaxes.

In closing folks, I implore you to not get placated, and definitely don't believe the spin from either the Liberals or the yellow journalists. Do your own DD. Ask your MLA or even Your MP what they intend to do about the HST. And regardless of what some say, fire the asses of the ones who lied in the first place.
It's time to take back our province and the only way to do that is to support the recall.

I fully expect to get attacked for this post and I will be commenting on all of it.

Have a nice day, Ice fishing
Gary E


Anonymous said...

I fully support your comment and I will keep reminding family & friends exactly what you are saying. Thanks and keep it up.

Guy in Victoria

RonS said...

Bang on Gary. All points correct and there are more. Good luck fishing. By the way I hope they do attack you. That way they will be exposed. By attacking they will have to expose themselves. Once they do then they are vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Campbell is right out of the gutter, and his henchmen as well. BC has turned into a lawless, evil mess.

I am sure people know about, the canvassers being stalked, bloggers being physically attacked, even with their children, by their side. I am hoping all of you make sure, you aren't caught by yourselves, make sure you are in pairs. Canvassers being stalked going door to door especially, should be in pairs, across the street from each other. Stalking is illegal, however, the RCMP have established themselves, as pro Campbell. I doubt they would interfere with, Campbell's evil agenda. BC citizens are becoming very concerned about, the recall canvassers and bloggers safety. Watch each others backs people, we now live in an evil regime.

Gary E said...

Thanks Guy in Victoria. The only way to stop these guys is probably a bigger groundswell of public protest.

RonS. I know there a lot more points here. Our Friend Grant G at Powell River Pursuader finds more almost every day. For the "bible" on BC Rail I might suggest the following.The Legislature Raids

And then there's Bill Tieleman, Pacific Gazetteer, the infamous House of Infamy, Laila Yuile, Norman Farrell, Blog Borg Collective and from these you can find many more.

I had a great day fishing by the way.

And I'm with you on the attackers. Bring them on baby.

Anonymous said...

First off - thanks for all the good work you are doing Gary - it is very much appreciated.

How about taking photographs of the stalkers as they carry out their business. Keep records of who is doing the stalking - send out copies to everyone so the deeds become known as does the faces and descriptions of the "stalkers".

Once you have the evidence - file complaints with the Victoria police and insist on protection.

If protection is refused, then the whole mess just becomes much worse.

Well worth a try - with canvassers all over the province. We will soon see if the local police forces or the RCMP are up to the task of protecting the citizens of BC.

Yes sirree - it sure could become a very big issue against the BC Liberal party and their thugs.

Thank you

Gary E said...

Anon 9:55PM

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm not to sure if you know this or not but I live in the Cariboo. Although I am a registered canvasser for Oak Bay Gordon Head Recall that distance makes it quite impossible for me to take pictures. The reason I registered as a canvasser for that riding was to be able to get signatures from anyone who may have moved from the riding since the last election. And we picked up some signatures by the way.
Although I may not take these pictures myself I will pass the info along to the organizers there as I have done with other ideas.
I know I have quite a few readers here and would like to ask them to also volunteer to collect signatures from expats who may live in their riding. It is the idea of the steering committee in Oak Bay Gordon Head to give every person registered in that riding at the last election the chance to vote for recall. Information can be found on the Elections BC website.