Hansen dodging the questions on the HST

Hon. C. Hansen: We ran on a platform that was one of supporting families in British Columbia. We ran on that platform to support families, and that's exactly what we're delivering on. We ran on a platform that said we were going to support small businesses, and that's exactly what we we're delivering on. We also ran on a platform that said we would create jobs in British Columbia and that British Columbia would come out of this economic downturn stronger, and that's exactly what we are delivering on.

So  Mr. Hansen, where are the jobs?(22,000 lost). Where is the family support? (Highest child poverty rate in the country) 21 child deaths attributed to your failed platform. Where is the small business support? (in my town alone 6 businesses going or gone under)

What happened to your dictatorial implementation of the HST? I can answer that for you and so can every heavily taxed citizen in the province of BC. You failed and so did all the MLA's that voted the party line. And some of those MLA's are now up for the Democrat right of every citizen to recall them.


Anonymous said...

Lets be honest and call the leadership races "POLITICAL GONG SHOWS" - because that is what they are. Especially the BC Liberals-P3's and D3's party. Or Pillaging of the Public Purse and a decade of Dishonesty, Disception and Deceit.

They are all "Campbell Wannabees" right down to the lies and screw ups and they still cannot get their stories straight and accurate.

So the credibility and integrity shortfall continues.


Anonymous said...

You would have to be a total gormless, brain dead idiot, not to see the HST has killed this province.BC people spend billions, shopping in the U.S.A. because of the HST. BC citizens, also shop in Alberta, because of the HST. How does this benefit BC? And yes, there are still businesses closing their doors, because of the HST. BC is a province of natural resources. The HST does nothing for the BC people, what-so-ever. Campbell forks our stolen HST, right over to, the other snake in the grass, Harper. That's the last we will see of our HST. All the HST has done is, drive costs up through the roof. The fact, Campbell thieved and sold our rivers means, on top of the HST, our hydro goes up 55%. Both, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, and forcing the HST onto the people, were dirty corrupt deals, right from day one. Where are the jobs, Campbell and Hansen promised the HST was to bring us? We are still losing jobs, because of it. Where is the money, Campbell and Hansen promised we would save, by the merits of the HST? Our cost of living, has gone a hell of a lot higher. The BC Liberals, can cut their lying crap, we are not buying it. We don't need a stupid panel, to tell us about, weighing the HST benefits. The HST benefits only benefit, big business. The Liberals steal from the BC people to give, the bottomless pits of greed, of the wealthy and large corporations, who don't ever pay their fair share of taxes. Banks, large corporations, gas and oil company's, are given billions of our tax dollars. They get huge tax reductions, and are oinking for more. Now, I saw that motion pass, in the House of Commons, by the entire House. I watched that happen, on the House of Commons TV channel. This country, is a, huge rotten cavern of corruption. I was horrified by, our millions and millions of dollars, given to the wealthiest, and the greediest @%$#@ I have ever seen.

Gary E said...

It's difficult for me a lot of the time to comment on most commentors thoughts here because they usually express my thoughts.
Thanks to both annon3:48PM & 12:08PM for contributing your comments here.

Anonymous said...

The HST has put BC, totally at the bottom of all Canada's provinces. BC is a failure, not one shred of decency left, among the BC Liberals. They have been a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, theft, arrogance, broken promises, criminal charges, dirty tactics. They have not one saving grace, among the lot of them. The Liberal candidates are a pack of Hyena's now, turning on each other attacking and biting. Will the day ever come, for BC and the people, to have a premier that is not a criminal? BC is the best place to live. For who? The 121.000 hungry children living in poverty, the children who died, the everyday people being taxed to death? I am very happy to be able to leave BC. I feel very sorry for the people stuck here. If people think, this is bad? There is a hell of a lot worse to come.

Gary E said...

Anon 9:48AM

For a preview of whats worse to come I suggest that everyone turn on the Legislature channel on February 14.

I suspect that there is going to be a lot more dirty work to come. Including giving away our drinking water.