Clarks Flip Flop On The HST

 A recent article in The Williams Lake Tribune about Clarks flip flop on the HST prompted me to post the following online.

"All this flip flopping on the referendum is nothing but populist manoeuvering. The liberals were so arrogant in the first place they thought the could get away with ramming this tax shift down the throats of an already overtaxed population. The arrogance shifted into fifth gear when they didn't even bother to register as opponents to the Initiative Petition. Then they tried every trick in the book to have the results negated, including the courts. The people, still being angered about being robbed started the Recall Campaign. A democratic process that holds the government feet to the fire.
Now they want to tell us that they will abide by Campbells proposal. What I would like to know is are they going to use the 50%+1 result? Or are they going for the present impossible to reach goals?
My money is on the latter.
It is now 19 months since they began their stall tactics and the people are not going to wait any longer. Nothing has changed. We are stilled being robbed of $200,000,000 per month. And all we hear is they might do this or they could do that. In the Cariboo Chilcotin we have always said that nothing short of cancelling the HST or our MLA crossing the floor and voting against it, would prevent the recall. None of this has been done and we will now start the process on February 15, 2011."

I'm pretty sure that if we had any investigative reporters left in this province they could uncover my allegation that big business money is behind Cristys' change of mind.
The opportunity to have the free vote would arise on February 14, well in advance of any proposed referendum. Which I allege we have already had. And there is nothing in legislation stopping anyone from refiling a recall on any MLA's from havin another recall immediately.


Anonymous said...

I saw Ida Chong on TV. She blamed the recall on the NDP, which of course is, a typical Liberal lie. I'm not NDP, I wouldn't vote for Chong for all the tea in China. Her stuffing her face with, $6,000 of our tax dollars, turned me right off. A single mother I know, was one of the 36,000 who lost their mill jobs, Campbell gave to China. She now works, two part time minimum wage jobs. Her rent went up, her heat bill is over $350. Ida Chong chomping her $6,000 of food, is more than that single mother has, to feed her entire family. For some reason, she ignores the accusations of her gluttony. Typical Liberal. What a disgrace.

Gary E said...

Anon 9:43

That's really sad when a person is reduced because of a governments policy to the stress levels your friend must be at.

And the worst of it is, she is not the only one. There are thousands like her, married and single, male or female. And Campbells cronies just keep getting richer off our backs.
Chomp Chomp isn't the only one downplaying her voracious eating habits. Where is the mainstream media on this. You can bet if it was a member of the NDP they would be all over this like white on rice, for weeks. Hell they are still propagating the liberal absolute lies about the NDP in the nineties.