It's Going to Be An Interesting Week

Beginning today, Valentines Day, at 10 AM the BC Legislature will sit for the first time in 256 days. Many people will question just what business the MLA's have conducted in that time for the people who voted for them. Myself included.

All I can come up with is things they didn't do for us. Things like allowing the BC Rail Trial to run it's course. Things like holding a session of the Legislature earlier to deal with the outrageous robbing of the already overtaxed population. Imposing a $200,000,000 per month burden on us and gifting business with that money. Then telling us that prices will fall, and not reducing the price of liquor right off the bat.

I have talked to some business people and in stating that they would not drop the prices told me that they wouldn't drop them because they hadn't raised them in a while.(read "we are taking the profits just like you thought we would")
Some try to justify this money grab by saying the money has to come from somewhere. Of course it does. But on the backs of the people giving business a free ride?

Then there is the new waterworks legislation that I allege they will try to slip through this week. This piece of Liberal policy  will surely cause an uprising in the province. It appears  to be legislation to not only meter your water but to allow businesses to expropriate land to help business obtain there bottom line. For example, if a rancher need water to water his stock or his fields, and was drawing from the same place as a IPP, theoretically the IPP could expropriate that part of the ranch land that it required to obtain the water required to generate its' power.

Then there is the legislation required to change the referendum act. Fat chance we have of seeing it this week given the Liberals penchant for stalling.

There will be a news release this week to the media, this blog, and at http://reallcariboochilcotin.wordpress.com on the situation here in the Cariboo. And everything is dependent on the political situation in this Province and the country


RonS said...

Hi I am a regular reader of your blog and I have also noted your comments on several other websites and blogs. I must say your blog is always informative and spirited at the least.

We here in Maple Ridge are starting our recall of Marc Dalton and we would like to link our website www.downwithdalton.com with yours and others as well. If you would be so kind enough you can send your link to our site and we of course will appreciate it if you would include our link to your site.

Thanks in advance.

Gary E said...

Hi Ron S

You and your people are most welcome to link to my blog. Beware though that my language may get quite strong when I'm pissed.
If there is anything you need please feel free to ask.

When you have submitted your package and have recieved approval please send me a application to canvass. So if you are able to identify ant expats that may be living in the Cariboo Chilcotin I might contact them and possibly have them sign the petition.
All of your information can go through our website at http://reallcariboochilotin.wordpress.com
From that site I can record your email address and give you the one I am using strictly for reall