Terrace Man Writes Open Letter To Falcon

George Chinn writes in the Terrace Daily Online

Dear Mr Falcon, MLA;

I’ve recently been away to Mining convention in Vancouver (Round Up) and upon my arrival back to Terrace I noticed in our local newspaper an article claiming ‘Falcon Proposes Northern Prosperity’. You have come here looking for support from our local population for your leadership campaign, hoping to take over from Gordon Campbell as the leader of our province, at least until the next election. The people of northern B.C. have already been waiting for ten years for action from you.

Everything we hoped for the people in the north have fought for without help from your Government. Premier Campbell would sneak into Terrace; only talk to selected people, then out the back door. As far as the HST is concerned, your statement claiming people have had time to get over their anger and it is not a big issue any more is wrong. Before the HST came into effect our children were tax exempt on clothing, workers were exempt on safety supplies and clothing; now everything is taxed. The carbon tax is another issue. Clean up the world yet we’re selling all this coal to off shore markets. All these ideas are plain out right dumb and appear to be another money grab.

Kevin, you were the previous Minister of Highways and I am hoping the people in the province remember you. We lost a lot of friends and suffered a lot of problems due to the negligence of our highway contactors, especially in the Terrace area. We, the ‘Sand for Souls Committee’ fought hard for improvements. We gathered over 3000 signatures three years ago and the following year we gathered over 7000 signatures with numerous written complaints. Again nothing was done.

We spent many days, time, and gas trying to work with you; asking for your support. I myself asked the government to shuffle the deck. The Excel drivers, a crew of 50 working 24/ 7 travelling our highways, had many complaints and no one listened. This was along with all kinds of problems expressed from other trucking companies and highway travellers. Since you left we have seen, even this year, improvements; thanks to Shirley Bond.

I believe the government will never admit the ‘Sand for Souls’ made a difference yet I must remind you about the highway tanker fuel spill on the highway to Kitimat, 37 South, which cost tax payers over a million dollars. This accident and clean up was clearly due to the poor highway maintenance, which we continually brought to your attention.

On behalf of the many deceased members of our Northwest communities, who died on our highways and on behalf of the Sand for Souls Committee; it's pay back time. And we still have some issues to deal with yet.

Our conclusion is clear and we want everyone to know, we don't think you would make a good interim leader or Premier of B.C.


George Chinn

A very informative letter that pretty much sums up a lot of situations in this province. Situations of neglect by the Liberal Government in BC

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