Is Hansen Doing Something Illegal Here?

B.C. Finance Minster Colin Hansen takes your questions on the HST 

Globe and Mail 


The globe and mail has set up a question and answer game with Hansen answering questions on the HST.

Since his government did not register as opponents   to the Initiative then this type of advertising may well be contrary to the BC Elections Act. They have already been forbidden to send out pamphlets.

So, what is going on here. Is this action sponsored by the globe? Is BC paying for the time? If so it's against the law.

And if not then the proponents of the initiative  must get equal time. 

Time to notify Elections BC

And just as an aside here, I wonder how many of the PAB are going to monopolize the conversation.We know for a fact that has been done before.


Anonymous said...

If the Lie-berals (Hansen) are indeed contravening the rules, then the Globe and Mail must be doing so as well - can't have one without the other.

Interesting - what is at work here????

See how cynical the Lie-beral government has got everyone to be. The sooner they get kicked out, the better for everyone.


Gary E said...

I can't disagree with the last part of your comment.
As for the first part, as soon as I saw this back door job I contacted the powers that be, including Bill Vander Zalm. They advised they would be looking at it. So I guess that equal time for Zalm would be best.
That happened today.