Damn how I used to hate that word.

     But not anymore. The revised stats for this week on the ANTI HST Initiative are just that.

     There are more than 6500 canvassers, area Captains, and Regional Organizers in this campaign, as well as the staff that run it and they are poised to pull this off
     For those who haven't read the posted stats at www.fighthst.com  this initiative now has only one riding out of 85 to go to pass the 10% required to submit this Bill. Of course like all other ridings  we are shooting for 15% to cover the margine of error.

     But for me there is an added bonus. We are within striking distance of "40% in 60 days". So close in fact that we will reach it this week. What is that number you might ask? Well that is the magic number that we can show our MLA in this riding that come November when we do a recall we have the votes. And it was done in under 60 days with a lot of people just learning the ropes. In November there will be people with experience signing others up.

     Of course we are not alone, there are three or four other ridings that are really close if not over the mark.

     Faaaaantastic? You bet your sweet bippy it is.

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SharingIsGood said...

This is faaaan -er- great news. (I just can't bring myself to say that f-word this morning).

Anyhow, the beautiful thing about this HST petition is that it is flying under the MSN radar and it is still going ahead full steam. As the HST petition is more about integrity than money - more about the silent majority having had their fill of lies and deceit, this is one train they can't railroad to the sidelines! For the Liberals, BC Rail and the HST and engine and caboose of one big hellbound train they have greedily climbed aboard.