BC Rail Story Filing In The Sun by Accredited Reporters

Does the Sun have the same filing practices in print as they do online?

While waiting for BC Mary to post the next set of news reports on the BC Rail Trial I thought I'd go the the online MSM to see what they had.

Imagine my surprise when I highlighted  a story by nhall and when it came up it was under the SPORTS section. Not NEWS or Breaking NEWS but SPORTS.

So my conspiracy theorist mind jumped into high gear and I wondered if this was deliberate and was it happening in the print for?. You see, if it is then there are a whole raft of people (like myself) who wouldn't think of looking in the Sports section for a JURY TRIAL. What do you think of my Conspiracy Theory, Palmer and Baldry?

Now I know that somebody is going to say people make mistakes, but these people are supposed to be PROFessionals with PROFessional editors. Ha!

I'm willing to bet PROF Mathews could do a better job.


Kim said...

I saw another editorial on the same subject in the business section. It was a link from RossK., and the article wasn't there, good thing he had snipped it.

Gary E said...

I saw the same one. I'm sure these guys are playing a game. It would be interesting to see if the Printed addition has the same errors.
By the way, sorry for the delay in posting. I have been canvassing on the HST. I will be posting any comments as soon as I return home each day.

Kim said...

No worries, canvassing's important work. I will be doing mine tomorrow:)