Bill Vander Zalm On Campbells Spin. (with a copy of the HST Extinguishment Act)

A letter from Bill Vander Zalm

The HST is not a done deal until the people of BC decide…

Despite the government’s attempts to make it seem like the HST is a done deal, nothing could be further from the truth  (I know – you’re shocked to hear this government may not be telling the truth again)

They said the HST was a done deal when they signed the agreement with Ottawa nine months ago. Then they said it was a done deal in December when Ottawa passed the federal legislation in Parliament. Now, they’re saying it is a done deal with the legislation removing the PST this past week.

But what can be enacted by government, can be repealed. We have known that part of their ‘trick’ was to spread out the passage of this new tax as long as they could to try to thwart your efforts to stop it – that is why our petition is to REPEAL the HST. The bill you are signing when you sign the anti-HST Initiative petition is to cancel the HST Agreement BC signed with Ottawa last year.

By successfully completing the Initiative petition, we will be forcing the government to either vote to cancel the HST Agreement, thereby repealing the HST, or put the question to a province wide referendum.

And just so you know, the HST was implemented in Saskatchewan in 1989, and two years after it was in effect, it was REPEALED by a new government, and the provincial sales tax reinstated. It’s not rocket science – its called democracy. And the HST is not a “done deal” until the people decide it is.

85% of British Columbians in poll after poll have said they reject this tax. The Citizen Initiative is our only chance to stop it.

Nothing has changed. Our strategy to defeat this hated tax remains the same – complete the first successful petition in BC and Canadian history, and force the government to rescind this hated sales tax. If they vote against the people’s wishes as expressed in the legislation presented to them – then we will begin Phase II of our plan – RECALL.

Some have said it will only take the recall of 7 MLAs to bring down the government. We believe it may take the recall of only one MLA to stop this government – the premier himself. But that decision is up to Premier Campbell. He can prevent his own Recall by listening to the people, and repealing his hated tax.

Our Citizen Initiative petition will give him that chance. And even though we have already gathered over 50% of the signatures required to complete the petition in only 3 weeks, we still need to finish the job.

Don’t let this gang of undemocratic frauds take away your vote. We need to keep getting signatures for the petition until we have achieved the 15% threshold in every riding.

This has become about much more than simply defeating a Hated Sales Tax. It is a battle of the people vs. their own government.

And there can only be one winner if democracy in BC is to survive.

We are going to be that winner.

Thank you and God bless,
Bill Vander Zalm
Leader, Fight HST

For the record this is what you are signing for:

HST Extinguishment Act
Whereas a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) combining the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) with the federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) as contemplated by the Governments of British Columbia and Canada contravenes Section 92, Article 2, of the Constitution Act 1867, which states:
92. In each Province the Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to Matters coming within the Classes of Subjects next hereinafter enumerated; that is to say,
2. Direct Taxation within the Province in order to the raising of a Revenue for Provincial Purposes.
And whereas the people of British Columbia, as expressed in the Citizen Initiative Petition against the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in British Columbia, wish to extinguish the tax, therefore;
Part I
(1) The Agreement titled “The Comprehensive Integrated Tax Coordination Agreement” between The Government of British Columbia and The Government of Canada establishing an HST in British Columbia is hereby extinguished and of no force or effect whatsoever.
(2) For greater clarity, the HST is hereby extinguished in British Columbia.
Part II
(1) A Provincial Sales Tax (PST) of 7% with the same applications and exemptions as at June 30th 2010 shall be reinstated as the only sales tax in British Columbia for the raising of a Revenue for Provincial Purposes.
Part III
(1) This Act shall be effective retroactively as of June 30th 2010.
(2) Any HST revenues owing to or received by the Provincial Government between the retroactive effective date of this Act and the actual date of Royal Assent, which are over and above the original PST amount as it would previously have been applied, shall be reimbursed to all British Columbians on a per capita basis.

For anyone who wants to know pretty much anything on the HST Initiative (including where they might sign} visit FightHST.com HERE

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