Are You Listening Yet Gordo?

 You know full well that the people don't want this rip off.

From www.fighthst.com

72 of 85 Ridings meet Elections BC threshold of 10%, with 51 Ridings exceeding 15%.
Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby numbers soar
With seven weeks to go in a 13 week campaign, organizers for the Initiative petition to repeal the HST report they have collected 500,000 signatures representing 15% of registered voters province wide.
Organizers say that 72 of 85 ridings have crossed the Elections BC 10% threshold, with 51 of those going over the Fight HST internal threshold of 15%.
“This is monumental,” said Fight HST Lead Organizer, Chris Delaney, “We are not even half way through the campaign, and we are on track to complete our 10% threshold in all 85 ridings by next week, with everyone reaching their 15% target by the first or second week of June.”

Here are the facts:
The people of this Province don't want this money grab
You and your MLA's blatantly lied to those people.
You can't lie to someones face and then steal from their pockets.
Your own supporters have turned against you. I have first hand knowledge of this.
Your ship is sinking and the rats are bailing out. But I'm betting you don't have the cajones to go down with the ship.

And I am betting that there will be more than 40% signing in more than 7 ridings which will give people an idea how easy it will be to recall more than 7 MLA"s.
So, are you listening yet Gordo? If you aren't, I sure hope that some of your MLA's are. The best thing for them to do is to get out now because by JUNE 2 it will be too late.June 2 is the 2 month mark Gordo. Watch the magic.
For the spin doctors in the PAB. We know that the fight HST petition signatures can't  be used for a recall. What we are saying is that the 40% signatures gathered in 60 days on a recall will be attainable. And we also know that any citizen who wants to initiate a recall against any sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly for any reason can do so by paying $50 and submitting their reasons in 200 words or less.We further that November 15 is the date to start a recall.
So Gordo, either rescind this money grab and set our Province back on track (prior to 2002) or take a hike.

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