Bill Vander Zalm Live on the G&M at 10:00 AM Today, Wednesday June 2.

 Colin Hansen had his chance to explain the HST on Monday on the Globe and Mail BC (and in my opinion failed miserably) still not telling us all the truth.
Today at 10:00 AM Vander Zalm gets his chance.
Your welcome to come back here with comments on both performances.



Kim said...

I read both chat's, and my impression was that in both cases the questions allowed were stacked with supporters of the HST and "present regime". I made comments of support that were not aired.

Gary E said...

As luck would have it Kim, I had to go out the door at 9:45. So I'll have to go and read it now.
I stopped reading Hansen's when it became apparent that it could be stacked and he was evading the issues.
I'll go back and visit both to see if we have the same opinion.

Gary E said...

Well Kim I definitely saw some supporters there with Bills piece. But my impression was that they were trying to have him adress what the naysayers had to say.
Of course I don't know why your comments weren't posted. Maybe contact the G&M or Justine herself. If you do,(contact them)get back to me with what they say.

SharingIsGood said...

I thought Mr. Vander Zalm made a very good showing. It is my impression that the BC Liberals refuse to conceive that they can tax the corporations and the banks at the levels they taxing them pre-Carole Tayor and pre-HST. They were able to remove those taxes, they can put them back.

Gary E said...

SIG you're absolutely right. They refuse to bite the hand that feeds them. The problem here is we the population have a vote and by all appearances big business which doesn't have the vote are buying it.
It's time that the general population woke up and registered with Elections BC and Canada to be able to cast a vote.
A person can't just complain about what's wrong. Get out and vote. Be more informed. And for crist sake do not believe what you read in the local papers. Do you own research.
We the people can turn this system around.
There is a very interesting rant by Merv Ritchie in the Terrace Daily Online. Gives good thought to the present system

Kim said...

Whenever I come across unregistered voters with my petition, I always explain to them where and how to register, and I tell them,"even if you can't sign the petition, register now for the recall in the fall." I personally have (helped) registere two people online.

Gary E said...

We do the same here. I stress that if they are not registered they can't vote. Sometimes I'm a little busy and can't give them enough info. Like writing down the elections BC web site. I should write out a bunch of cards to give to them I guess.
But generally people are waking up to the fact that they should be voting.

Norman Farrell said...

I think Hansen embarrassed himself more than he helped his cause. He was destroyed on the issue about "all information" having been released through FOI thereby "proving" that no plans for HST were underway before mid May.

Obviously the Globe and Mail people are gatekeepers to this forum and I suspect hundreds of people might say that their own question was ignored. Mine was with Vander Zalm. However, it was the Globe's Justine Hunter who kept Hansen from wriggling away from the FOI issue so HST opponents got a fair shake. Not anywhere near as bad as the general performances of Global TV and Canwest Newspapers. Baldrey, in particular, might as well be paid by the Liberal Party.

I'm not a large fan of the G&M but it is the best daily English newspaper sold in this region. That is unlikely to change with Paul Godfrey in charge of Canwest papers and the same old corporate interests in charge.

However, between HST and BCR, I assume the world of blog commentary has gained a much larger foothold. I know my place has had record numbers of visitors in the last 60 days. I think others can say the same.

The HST campaign proves that the lamestream media cannot be trusted for the whole story. More ordinary citizens now realize that.

Kim said...

Agreed. I still scan them daily, as well as the cbc, and the canned waste just to see who's covering and who's covering up the news.

Most of the people are capable of googling Elections BC, it's pretty straightforward.

cfvua said...

Hansen says all information was released. Does he think we are stupid enough to believe him. What about the blacked out portions? Released , but not really. He needs to go and if he is the sacrificial goat, or part of the herd of goats, they deserve what they get.

Gary E said...

Norman, cfvua, it's my observation that these guys have lied so often, and are now running around like the proverbial chicken, that they don't even know when they are lying.
Kim. Kootkoot at House of Infamy, has some interesting thoughts on why the CBC is puffing the news.

kootcoot said...

Former Attorney General Geoff Plante tries to use his perceived "expertise" as a lawyer to impress us regular folks as he:

"Then he wants to examine the petition, nit picking it apart by misinforming you. He claims to understand the Act giving you the impression that he is right.
Then goes on to tell you about it being a legal process as well as a political campaign.

How can anyone with half a brain think he actually understands the HST Petition or its underlying legislation when it is clear he didn't understand the purpose or the provisions of the "oh so" special prosecutor legislation when he appointed he and Seckel's buddy and former law partner Wild Bill "I even show up in court, occasionally" Berardino to the project Everywhichway investigation?

I'm wondering if Mr. Plante actually took the bar exam himself, or hired somebody with a brain to do it for him! Either way, it seems like ethics aren't part of a legal education anymore, or at least where ever the legal beagles of the BC liaRs learn their stuff.

I can't imagine a more pathetic collection of AGs and Solicitor-Generals than we've experienced in BC during this milleninium - the only thing these guys seem to understand about the law is how to break it with impunity and "privilege."

And if the members of this I allege, criminal organization, chosen to be responsible for issues involving justice and the law are as sleazy as Wally, Mr. Plante, the two Ding-Dongs and Mr. "I have" Les(s) ethics than the average gang- banger, what are the rest of the fence posts with hair like when it comes to issues of right and/or wrong?