Basi Virk Trial Not That Important?

It's 7:20 AM June 21,2010 and I have just looked at the Trial Docket online. All other trials appear to be listed for today but not Case #23299.

Are the people who get paid big bucks just playing with the general public? Or is there no trial for today. Not according to reports from last week. This trial was set to move forward today and it is not listed with the other trials. Is it incompetence? Has there been another glitch in the forward movement of a trial that had its discovery cut off by a new parachuted judge?

Would all the extra arguing being done in court, with and without the jury present, be happening if Discovery had been allowed to progress to it's end. I think not.

Would people like Norm Farrell be going to the courthouse only to discover that court had been canceled because of what I allege is the manipulation of a trial procedure? I think not?

It is common decency and courtesy to have these times and dates posted in a timely manner and I allege that someone is being overpaid to do a job which is apparently not being done.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is done that is decent and courteous by this Lie-beral government or Gordon (screw everybody) Campbell. I am certain that the government is being as awkward as it can be, to try and dely the proceedings to protect itself.

Nevr mind, word is getting out and information is being sent elsewhere in the wide world. After all, Campbell is not only an embrrassment to British Columbia, he is a huge embarrassment to Canada too.

Oh, Gary - where can we send emails to your attention ?


Gary E said...

Anon 10:16

First, sorry for the delay in posting your comment. I have been out canvassing on the Anti-HST initiative since 8AM.
I know the word is getting out there. I hear it every day from friends and Family around the world. For example Australia and Thailand both have knowledge of this fiasco. And not just ex-pats but regular citizens of those countries.
My thoughts are that Campbell is the biggest embarrassment that this country has ever seen.

As far as getting me e-mails please for now do here what others are doing. And that is write a comment headed with NOT FOR PUBLICATION. That way I get to screen everything and make any determinations that might help me.

kootcoot said...

"My thoughts are that Campbell is the biggest embarrassment that this country has ever seen."

He's got some real competition in Harper though!

The court docket schedules online are a JOKE! Even when they are posted on time by their slack schedule it doesn't allow time for anyone much east of fucking Burnaby to attend and lately they have been posting an hour or two or three AFTER the start of proceedings IF AT ALL!

And really mysterious to me is why actions happening in other courts wind up on the list like New West on Vancouver and such.

Gary E said...

Absolutely Kootcoot

Every once in a while I check back to see if other cases were added late. Haven't found one yet. So is this deliberate? I tend to think so.

As far as other cities being posted there. WTF is Kelowna doing on the list? Can't figure them out. Are these changes of venue????