705,643 Voters In BC Were Just Slapped In The Face By Gordon Campbell And His Big Business Buddies

That's right  folks. These Numbskulls have absolutely no idea of what a democracy is.

First we elect Campbell and his lapdogs and find out he lied. (and that was back in 2001) Then we re-elect him when he lied again. And finally he figured he could lie to us again and get away with it.

Only this time he hit is in our pockets big time. And was so arrogant that he figured it would slip by us. Not a chance. Along comes a Former Premier and says hold it this is wrong. He recruits more than 6500 volunteers, myself included and we use a little used or known Initiative to stop his forcing us to pay the bills for big business.

This army of volunteers goes out to canvass and what do we find? People rushing to sign the petition They were lining up and mad as hell. They were from all political stripes and they were fuming.Where the lineups were fairly ling they asked about the Initiative and how long they had to sign. They were told 90 days and they vowed to come back when the lineups were shorter. And they did come back resulting in the 705,643 signatures. More that those who voted for the LIEBERALS in the first place.

Some came wanting to sign but were ineligible for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was the fact that they hadn't been on the voters list. They asked how to register and were told. Some came back and were still unable because they hadn't been on the list at the last election. And were they pissed. But we told them at least they would now be eligible to vote in the next election.

There was a recent court case where business owners appeared towant to be able to vote twice. Once where they lived and once for where their place of business was. They lost.

Campbell and Has been wanted to defy the law and were told by Elections BC they couldn't. They tried to advertise against the initiative but were not eligible because in their arrogance they didn't register as opponents. That was their biggest shot in the foot.

But they were running scared so they brought out Jeff Plant the former AG and member of the Heenan Blaikie law team. He rambled on about how this Initiative was wrong and unconstitutional. All the while knowing that he was spinning the situation.

You see folks, the Tax Grab is what is unconstitutional.

In 1867 the provinces were given the right to collect taxes within their own boundaries to pay for their own programs. Its right there in the constitution. And the Campbell minions DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to give away this system. Not without a vote from the people who elected them. And they must either have that as their main election platform so the people will understand it or put it to a Referendum. Campbell did neither of these. In fact in the last election he said that an HST was not on their radar.

So he lied. I don't care how the spin doctors in the PAB spin this HE LIED.
And now we have the biggest tax shift in Canadian History put on the backs of consumers without their consent to give more welfare to big business.

Of course big business likes this. But to their chagrin Bill Vander Zalm got in the way. So did 705,643 citizens of British Columbia.

Bill and Chris Delaney and some of the folks from down south are leaving tomorrow to deliver those peoples names to Victoria to be scrutinized. But hold it. Are you ready for this? Jock McKinnon and a couple of fools from the Forest and Mining industry don't believe in Democracy. They want to file an  injunction again in part that this petition preamble is Unconstitutional. What fools. First of all the Preamble isn't part of the Act. Second of all as mentioned the act to institute this tax grab is in itself unconstitutional. They sure have their ducks all over the place.

Now we get to the meat of this situation. A few businesses think they have the god given right to tell the government and the electorate what to do. This is so much friggin bullshit that I almost threw up when I read Justine Hunters piece in the Globe. What right does a business, that doesn't have a vote, have to go to the Supreme Court of BC to tell a judge that we are wrong? We the registered electorate of this province?
 And what kind of fool would think he had that right? This is a democracy run by the Voters. Not a dictatorship run by a proven liar, and criminal, with a few business men and their millions, which they are now increasing on the backs of folks like you and I.

Screw these assholes. We have a win, win, win situation here. And I might say that in filing tis injunction they have further riled the voters who hired them and those voters are now mad enough to recall ALL the liberal MP's.

This update from David Schreck Talking about the pro HST gang

A third line of defense was trotted out by former Attorney General Geoff Plant in his opinion piece published in the Vancouver Sun on June 4th. He argued that the anti-HST "initiative petition is fundamentally flawed" and cannot possibly achieve its purpose because British Columbia has no ability to extinguish federal legislation. Like some pundits, Plant went on to quibble with the preamble to the initiative petition's proposed Bill, arguing that the HST does not contravene the constitution, but not mentioning that the preamble to the Bill is not relevant. He also noted that the proposed Bill fails to specify in what form the PST would be reinstated. Plant concludes that the legislative committee should refer the Bill to the legislature, at which point the government should refer it to the court for a constitutional opinion.


Kim said...

Excellent journalism Gary E. Look to RossK for political contributions. EEEXXXXCCELLENT!!

Gary E said...

Thanks Kim

Surprising what a person can do when they are not on the fly. I'm taking a week or so (waiting blueprints for the new house) to regroup. But it won't be as quiet as I thought with these pro liberal morons throwing a blindside.

I want to follow this. But then there is the BC Rail thing. Have you seen the Document posted at House of Infamy?
We at least know why Campbell hired Brown. He lies better than most of the Liberals.

Kim said...

Going to read...

Anonymous said...

Martyn Brown, seems to be brain dead most of the time. I wonder how he can manage to find his way home. I think we had better, get a real kangaroo, to judge this farce of a trial. I have stopped buying Vancouver newspapers, and only watch some TV media. This province is, terminally ill, from corruption. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, are full of, lies, deceit, broken promises, corruption, dirty tactics, have a criminal offense. They are also full of, hate, spite, vendetta's, cheated to win, silly little juvenile games and, are incapable of being honest. We are in a dictatorship, so foul, it turns a persons stomach.

Anonymous said...

Since when, is the truth illegal? I just don't understand, why someone as corrupt and evil as Campbell, gets the support? As far as most people say, Campbell can make his payments to his buddy Harper, out of, his own feathered nest, of ill gotten gains. And, out of his 53%, stolen wage hike. However, big business, pays a lot of bribe money to, the political party, that favors them the most. So, of course the greedy big business, want even more money, to be extorted from citizens, who have lost homes, vehicles and their own small businesses. But, be very careful, 9 months out of the year, from citizens wages, already go to the government for taxes. The HST, will add more taxes for the government. When the people run out of paychecks, the country, will fall flat on it's ass.