A Fine Start To Saving You Money With The HST. Another Campbell Lie

 It sure didn't take long for Campbells next lie to appear. That guy needs some serious help from a phsycologist. I honestly don't believe he knows that he is lying.
This list was forwarded to me and deserved posting here.
It is a fine example of how our prices will go down Just like the government adjusting the price of booze so you don't get a reduction.
The pricing is from Kitsalano and the person asks that maybe we should all check things out in our areas. 
What appears to me to be happening is that the prices are going up higher than they are supposed to so that when the reduction comes (if it ever does) it will only fall to the regular price.Just like when you see department store savings. Just before the sale the price rises to a point where a 10% reduction only reduces the item to the same level (or higher) as the original price. Some saving.
Have a look at the very first price.The Sun (paid lackies for Campbell by way of advertising) who made such a big deal of prices falling, 19%.Gary E
Vancouver Sun

Weekday Vancouver Sun $1.00 plust GST on Wednesday Morning - June 30

Weekday Vancouver Sun $1.25 inclusive of HST on Thursday Morning July 1 or a 19% increase


Movies at the Hollywood

Last Wednesday Jun 30 - $7.00 for a second run double bill movie

Thursday July 1 $8.00 for a second run double bill movie or a 14.5% increase

Vancouver Park Board Concession Stand

Veggie burger - $4.75 June 30

Veggie burger - $5.25  July 1 or a 10% increase instead of 7% 
Comments are welcome. Recall in the fall

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Anonymous said...

Only lunatics, could have written up the HST. I went grocery shopping. One pastry bun has the HST applied, depending on the sugar content, the less sugar pastry doesn't. Depending on size, a smaller sized bottle of drinks has the HST, the larger size doesn't. I ended up picking up a hand basket, to throw everything back, that has the HST applied. What a God awful mess. I am grateful, our underground will be fully, up and running by fall. I was given the number of a person, who will do my bathroom reno, for half the price, of a quote given me, some time back. I will pay cash, but thats fine with me.