Treason in Government? Why am I not surprised?

And Laila Yuile has the breaking news story HERE.

This is the most serious allegation about a government or governments in Canada that I can recall. The Robert Somers case in BC pales in comparison.

The way the Accusation from CSIS has been framed and the questions unanswered leads a reader to think that the highest levels of government in BC are either knowingly or unknowingly participating in treason.
 It is very troubling that CSIS would choose to make accusations public before charging the people involved.

treason:  a violation by subject of allegiance to sovereign or state. treachery. disloyalty.

Is CSIS giving people a chance to bail out? What exactly are their reasons?
Elected officials are sworn allegiance to the  Queen and to their constituents.

Don't worry folks this story can be carried by Laila. The rest of us will try to get the poop on the BC Rail Trial.


Laila said...

Thanks for the link up Gary! I see The Sun is now carrying the story, but it is getting far more coverage in the rest of Canada still.

You are correct about the timing for two reasons. One, as you say, it gives whomever the chance to bail if they choose, but two, it also detracts from the very recent criticisms of CSIS and the RCMP relating to the Air India case, among others.

Deflection, or a warning to others? We will have to wait and see.

Gary E said...

You're welcome Laila.

A thing like this could detract from almost everything that is going on not only in this province but in the country. My mother-in-law has global Calgary on, listening for anything and at noon she will to the BC Stations.
We await more news from wherever we can get it.

Laila Yuile said...

Update on the post on my site,CSIS head will not be making further comments on this issue in the face of criticism, and The Sun has an article out just now where Campbell has come out swinging.

In other news, the father in one of the Basi-Virk prosecutors spoke to a couple jurors outside a skytrain station last week, also on The Sun online. EEK. what was he thinking?

I don't think this CSIS issue will detract from Basi- Virk, if anything it might help get more press concentrated on the activities of Campbell and crew, which will obviously lead people to BVB

Anonymous said...

I heard another angle on the reason for this 'story'. Tensions between Harper and the China Boss are still uncomfortable. This story puts China on the defensive...