Krawczyk Gives a Little More Insight into our Court System

Betty Krawczyk, for those of you who don't know, is an senior activist who I alledge was wrongfully charged in the Eagle Ridge Bluffs Protest along with Harriet Nahanee. Harriet met with an untimely death after being imprisoned for her actions on the bluffs. These actions were prompted I beleive because the contractor was going to cut through the top of the bluffs rather than push a tunnel under them, thus leaving a picturesque lanscape in tact instead of the scar you now see.

This scarring of the pristine landscape was done over the protests of people like Betty and Harriet as well as some of the more affluent people in BC who live in West Vancouver, the highest priced real estate in Canada. The more sane alternative would have been to drill a tunnel.

So betty has filed a civil suit against the construction company for assault as well as the Attorney General of BC.

In her blog at http://bettysearlyedition.blogspot.com/ Betty notes:

So where does my civil case against Kietwit Sons Co and Kevin Falcon stand resulting from my part in the blockades at Eagleridge Bluffs? Well, while the court did throw out the two main issues I wanted tried, I was allowed to bring the charges of assault forward and also include the Attorney General (my stars, Wally Oppal) and Sea to Sky Highway. Their method of dealing with me? Simple. Ignore me. They haven’t answered my legal demand to acknowledge and present a defense. By law, they are supposed to do this. But of course, all of these powerful people are above the law. In fact, they make the law. The law as it is written holds no charm for them. How dare an elderly woman try to bugger up the traffic (as Kevin Falcon demanded at the traffic tie up on the Second Narrows Bridge when an elderly woman was in the process of being talked out of suicide) or get in the way of their clean sweep of the natural public resources of this province? Ignore the old woman, they seem to be saying. And tell her to go jump. They don’t have to obey the law.
But I say this isn’t over. And we’ll see. Betty Krawczyk

Go get em Betty.


kootcoot said...

Another view of what passes for Justice in what once was the "Bestest Place on Earth" can be found at:

for Most

This is from last October.

Gary E said...

Thanks for that link Kootcoot. When I was doing this piece I had remembered the other one or one very similar but I couldn't remember where it was.

I revisited it and it is a very good read. Mr. T's analysis is good, although I disagree with it. When people protest and then have injuctions against them it seems always to be swift and given on the side of big business. But the supreme court action in the Kootenays case is absurd. Telling someone who doesn't have a phone or hydro on Saturday that they have to be in court on Tuesday 400 miles away is laughable at best. So I think, yes, big business gets away with lots. Money talks.