Rubber Stamping the Destruction of a Man's Career

This mornings Times Colonist is reporting the following:

Police board never saw report on former chief

Promises made to never reveal accusations against Victoria's top cop
Times ColonistPublished: Friday, August 15, 2008

VICTORIA -- Police board members approved the resignation of Victoria police chief Paul Battershill without ever seeing a report into the allegations against him.

Mayor Alan Lowe, who chairs the police board, said he was the only board member to review the full results of an RCMP probe into Battershill's conduct.
Lowe said yesterday he provided the other board members with only some information -- the amount he determined they needed to make their decision.

The nine-member board, which is supposed to provide civilian oversight of the police, subsequently decided that it had suffered a "loss of confidence" in Battershill's leadership.[...Snip]

Who in hell annointed Alan Lowe God. What right does he have to withold information from the board, thus I alledge slanting the evidence, or lack thereof against the Chief.

I submit that with the (lack) of evidence given that this is akin to Naziism.

How could anyone in their right mind rubber stamp a "loss of confidence" in anyone without receiving all the evidence. It just does not make sense. And it is outrageous.

That would be like being charged with a crime, going to court, not knowing the reasons for this court case, then having sentence passed on someone solely on another persons possible lies. And furthermore only the judge knows all the evidence. Not the jury.

I am truly sorry that Paul Battershill chose to quit. I know from experience what sometimes trumped up evidence which eventually is disproved can do to a career. And sometimes in frustration we quit just to avoid a fight. It only happens once and we learn from it and fight so it never happens again.

One has to wonder, I alledge, if there is any deal making with other governments to conduct this case in this manor. I'm so pissed at this, if I were in Victoria I would be screaming from the rooftops.

What in hell is going on in this province. We elect officials to govern. Not to dictate.

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BC Mary said...

Gary, you said it! Indeed, they "rubber-stamped the destruction of a man's career". Or they're trying. But I don't think the people of B.C. are going to put up with any more of this.

And, from all I've read, Paul Battershill is a good man and a very good cop. He'll go on to finer things ... and it will be Victoria's loss.

He's the guy Alan Lowe chose to jump in and manage City of Victoria when help was needed. How did Mayor Lowe get all the way from that view ... to this "loss of confidence"?

And if those mysteriously hidden allegations weren't about criminality, or associating with criminals, or about financial wrongdoing, what in the world could have been so bad as to force that "loss of confidence"?

Mayor Lowe, I suspect you're a fake. Fake, fake, fake. I did hear a rumour that you, too, have ambitions about taking a seat in Premier Goddam Campbell's next government. Is that true?

As for the accuser, standing ever so quietly in the shadows, how about putting him on the hot-seat now? No? Well, I imagine he'll be trying another run in the next provincial election, too.

Nope, I don't think British Columbians are going to put up with much more of this.