Governing by Order in Council = Dictatorship

The latest move by the Liberal Government in British Columbia is absolutely sickening. When confronted with two court decisions, this government, nay, Gordon Campbell, decided that he will fix things on his own. Can't you just imagine his thoughts. I don't need the Goddamn courts, I can write or rework the laws to suit myself. Further I don't need to Legislate I can Dictate.

The move by this government to use an order in council to adjust the law to suit their own needs defies all that was once decent in this province. There is no Governing here. Everything is done by Dictatorship. Whether it's Forests, Hydro, Roads, Giving away Railways, or not helping the disabled.

What type of imbecile would stupe to doing such a thing to the disabled in this province? What type of childish antics is this man pulling? Just where does he get off doling out corporate welfare to those who contribute to his campaign but refusing and altering the laws to screw the people who elected him? Who the hell does he think he is? He and his party were elected to govern this province. Not to be a dictatorship.

Mr. Campbell, either resign or repeal this order in council. No, on second thought, just Resign .


Anonymous said...

"What type of imbecile would stupe (stoop) to doing such a thing to the disabled in this province?"

Answer: Someone who can't count on one hand, his own IQ, Premier Gordon Campbell.

kootcoot said...

In a much more perfect world the evil and greedy would be discriminated against and marginalized instead of the poor, disabled and colors other than white.

Gary E said...

Well spoken Koot.

I see a few more rumblings about complacency in the masses and I really don't think we are that complacent. It just takes a trigger. And with the MSM appearing to move on the crap coming from the Liberals in Victoria, Maybe, just maybe.....

Igetit said...

I want to send you heartfelt THANK YOUS , Gary e for your strong effort to speak out on behalf of those British Columbians with 'special needs' and their families; the latest target of the the sociopathic leader and his band of bandits that idly stand by and allow Gordon to stoop to his lowest level yet.

British Columbians rise up!!! Govt. doesn't get any more rotten than this.

This is outright cruelty towards those that need every helping hand in life. What is this man made of????

It appears that he and his club members are selfish and unfeeling to the max, while billions of taxpayers dollars, that should be spent on key social service assistance programs, are funnelled into his vested interest projects such as Olympic Venues, unnecessary new bridges, rapid transit for he and his corportate/lobbyist pals such as Ken Dobell and his campaign Chairman!!

Irate you say? Down to my core. How many other people are mobilized in the same way now?

You are so correct Gary e: It just takes the voices of the people on mass/unified to create change and a practical 'vehicle' for all decent BCers to rally around. Perhaps this 'act of actocity' against the vulnerable, will be the "trigger" you speak of; an act that repulsed peoples' universal conscience.

Yes, the MSM is slowly reacting to the rot - perhaps because there has a quiet, large shareholder buying up a large chunk of Canwest stock as reported by the Globe and Mail a few weeks ago?

Whatever, finally they are increasingly shining a light of the unconscionable acts of this ethically corrupt Campbell Govt. - they are starting to play the public duty to the public - long overude. Some good old investigative journalism would be a treat, wouldn't it?

Thankyou to Koot and anonymous 11:28 pm for your strong voices.

Where is the strong backbone of the NDP Govt.??? We British Columbians all deserve better on this front, too. I believe they are not doing a good enough job on behalf of all British Columbians.

Too many hidden vested interests on that side of the House, perhaps with links to the Campbell Club????

BURNING QUESTION: What "vehicle" can be set up for the people to stop this tyrant in his tracks NOW? There MUST a way when there is such a will for change in BC.

Anyone with solid action plans please come forward NOW. We DO hold the power to create REAL change for the sake of everyone in British Columbia.

Gary E said...

And thanks to you Igetit for your contributions here.

I'd like to say here that I am more than a little biased on the subject of the disabled. Whether physical or mental. One in having an accident as a teenager and being a incapacitated for a short time. And the second for raising a child with developemental disabilities and finally having a grandchild with the same problem.
So I know firsthand what the problems are in these areas whether long or short term. And this asshole in Victoria does not have a clue as to any of those problems. That is why I lable him as a mental midget.