Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Campbell

The following is from the NDP Newswire:

Hypocrisy, thy name is Campbell

On CHNL Radio, Finance Minister Colin Hansen admitted his government is still trying to find ways to convince Ottawa to end the moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling.CHNL Host Jim Harrison: "While you and I are currently paying a carbon tax every time we top up, the man who oversees this province's treasury says he's hoping to see the day when this province can explore its offshore oil and gas potential"Finance Minister Colin Hansen says it's a position that is not inconsistent with the province's Climate Action Plan."Hansen: "What we're saying through our Climate Action Plan is let's make better use of the oil that we're consuming, let's minimize our personal consumption of fossil fuels. At the same time we have to ensure that we explore and develop."


Anonymous said...

Do like Newfoundland did, threaten to separate.


Gary E said...

So anon 5:56 PM, I'm not sure what the CAPP docuement had to do with the threat of NL seceeding. I guess I missed that.

Here in BC we have a Majority Liberal Gov't that appears to be pandering to the oil companies and big business. So far they have given away our Hydro, the Ferry system and our railway. All of these giveaways {I alledge} involve the USA.

I don't know about some of the political blog readers here but I for one am Fiercely Canadian. And the way the present government is going if there were a movement to seceed I think most definately we would be absorbed by the USA.

Now having said that I must admit to having quite a few relatives in the states as well as friends. It is not the general population I am worried about it is their government. Especially the current Federal Administration.

So Anon 5:56PM separation is not an option for me. And as an afterthought neither is the seaparation of Quebec. WE ARE CANADIAN.

BC Mary said...

Well said, Gary E.


Gary E said...

Thanks Mary.

And thankyou Anon 5:56PM for your input.

After thinking about the CAPP docuement for a while I re-read it. Anon 5:56PM: could you be referring to the input at the end of the docuement which basically sounds like a veiled threat (in my opinion) that these oil companies are trying to tell the governments if they want to partner with them the financial cost would be massive. If that is what you mean I have a different solution. Nationalize them.

kootcoot said...

Gord's buddy(?) St. Stephen wouldn't want British Columbia getting all uppity like Newfoundland and Labrador. I think St. Stephen likes having Alberta, his reformed self's chosen province, having a corner on the North America Messy Goo Market.

Of course when this ride is over, Alberta will have little more left than one hell of a mess, especially since they virtually give it away to their corporate daddies. Tribal leaders in Africa demand more of a share of their resource wealth returned to the country of origin. And the "real" sheiks, the ones with out "blue" eyes, they demand their due AND get it.

Gary E said...

Let us not forget Tilma, Koot. The way I read it is when(not if) the oilsands dry up then Alberta is free to move companies, employees and their antiquated labour laws into BC and thanks to Gordo we can't do a damn thing about it.