Legislature Raid Trial case #23299

I find it kind of funny really that the one time BC Mary goes on a Holiday that the court list is posted online ontime. But there it is, case #23299 set for 10:00 AM today.

I had read on Mary's blog that some of you may be able to attend. We all hope that happens. I know, barring any unforeseen problems, that Bill Tieleman will be there. I wonder if we can count on any of the big papers showing up? Their track record doesn't suggest that will happen. Although with the verdict from the Appeal Court they may think they will now have something to report.

We know from reports over the weekend that Berardino will seek leave to appel the verdict to the Supreme Court of Canada, further delaying this case if that leave is accepted.

I wonder how the appeal will be worded?

Watch for the results at Bill Tielemans' blog and maybe tomorrow on Vancouver 24hrs.
Koot is monitoring Mary's sight as well he has a pretty good sight at House of Infamy. Not sure if he can post on Marys' blog.


Bill Tieleman said...

Thans for this - the bad news is now posted on my blog at:


It looks like there will be a delay in any trial of up to another year after Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino announced he will appeal the decision of the BC Supreme Court - upheld by the BC Court of Appeal - on the secret witness issue.

Igetit said...

So. . . it is becoming increasingly obvious that the so called "conspiracy theorists" by some media persons, have been right all along, after todays antics in pretrial hearings at BCSC:

The mammoth political elephant is sitting in plain view in the middle of BC Supreme Court, as Prof Robin Mathews has previously stated . . . perhaps now it has taken over the Judge's chair with his full weight.

Is it not clear to everyone after this lengthy charade with these pretrial 'games' that political intervention of the highest order has taken over this case?

There is something terribly wrong that is controlling our systems of justice; our BC government . . . . 'everywhich way'.

It is time for every decent British Columbian to speak up in the face of this incestuous situation.

Gary E said...

Incestuous, Igetit? My dictionary only describes that as of people related that are too close to marry. But then, my dictionary is pretty old.

Robin sure knows how to nail things down. Have you seen his contribution to BC Marys' blog this morning? Pretty Good.

As far as "conspiracy theorist" goes I think I'm going to stop using that. It's negative towards prople who get more information out than the local Mainstream Media. How about we use Investigative Bloggers. Or Investigative Citizen Journalists.
We can use that since there are no more investigative journalists in this province with the exception of people like Sean Holman, Robin Matthews, and of course Bill Tieleman.