Welcome Distinguished Visitors

I would like to take this time to welcome some visitors to my website. We will only name the high profile spy sites not the others who help with comments. That way we can keep the spys from spying on them.

Number One. CanWest Global Manitoba. Is this how you dig up your information or are you just loaning your address to Campbells PAB because his is probably overloaded with the overpaid fatcats?

Number Two. The Legislative Assembly of BC. Is someone there misusing their privileges? Or is the PAB misusing Public Funds?

Number Three. The Province of British Columbia. Now this is where that overinflated spin doctor bureaucracy should be siphoning our tax dolars.

Number Four
. Some Friends in the United States near Quantico Virginia. Welcome folks. I sure hope your not helping this sorry excuse for a government leader here.

And last but surely not least The office if the premier. Gordo, do you know someone is using your email? Or is it actually you.

I must say it is sure nice to get noticed this way. It makes me feel real good that the messages are getting through. Because we wall know that you don't answer e-mail, phone calls, nor faxes.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Gary!!!

Leah said...

Quantico...home of one of the largest Marine Bases in the world, with both the Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI having a training facility there.

Now one has to wonder WHY they would be so interested in l'il old BC? It would almost make me want to ask El Gordo what he REALLY has up his sleeve other than his arm?