Rail Documents From Premier Campbells Office


Nov. 25, 2003

Office of the Premier

Ministry of Transportation



1) Continued Public Ownership

Ø BC Rail’s rights-of-way, railbed and tracks legally protected under public ownership through legislation.

2) No More Public Debt

Ø BC Rail’s $500-million debt eliminated, saving $30 million a year in interest.

Ø Eliminating future risk to taxpayers who have already borne the cost of $860 million in asset write-downs.

Ø CN assumes responsibility for maintenance of the infrastructure and cars, which costs BC Rail $40 million a year – equivalent to $3.6 billion over the next 90 years in today’s dollars.

Ø Increased municipal tax revenues of $8.3 million to take effect the year in which the partnership is completed – representing nearly $750 million over 90 years in today’s dollars.

Ø With the $1 billion in proceeds, these measures represent total benefits from the partnership of more than $5 billion.

3) 600 New Cars

Ø 600 new centrebeam cars to increase capacity and meet customers’ needs in the forest industry.

Ø Faster transit time will improve car availability by 800 cars.

4) Lower Rates and Costs

Ø Open Gateway Rate and Service Commitment ensures competitive access for interline shippers to other markets.

Ø Seven per cent average rate reduction for interline shippers.

Ø Reduced costs for shippers from faster transit times.

5) Improved Access to Markets

Ø Integrated North American rail network.

Ø New Chicago Express to reduce transit times from Prince George by 2 days.

Ø New access through the Port of Prince Rupert, reducing shipping times to Asia
by 1.5 days.

Ø 30 per cent reduction in transit times between Prince George and Vancouver

6) Long-Term Protection of the Rail Network

Ø New protection for BC Rail customers under the Canada Transportation Act.

Ø Re-open Dawson Creek-to-Hythe line to facilitate grain handling in Peace region.

Ø D’Arcy – Lillooet and Takla shuttle services continue.

Ø Unlike today, when routes may be discontinued at any time, there will be a moratorium on operational discontinuance ensuring no route closures for at least five years.

Ø Commitment to maintain Tumbler Ridge infrastructure in place for at least 5 years.


7) $135 Million for Northern Communities

Ø $135-million Northern Development Initiative for investments in forestry, pine beetle recovery, transportation, tourism, mining, Olympic opportunities, small business and sustainable economic development:

Ø $25-million operating endowment.

Ø $60 million divided equally to four regions: $15 million each to Prince George, the Peace, the Northwest, and the Cariboo-Chilcotin/Lillooet.

Ø $50 million for a general trust to support cross-regional investments.

8) Prince George Gateway to the North

Ø Head office for the Northern Development Initiative.

Ø $4 million to Prince George Airport.

Ø New B.C. North Division office.

Ø $1-million state-of-the-art wheel shop in Prince George to accommodate new work for locomotive and car repairs.

Ø Surplus CN yard land would be made available for commercial redevelopment, with a portion donated to expand Cottonwood Park.

Ø Expanded municipal tax revenues of $825,000.

Ø The Province will negotiate with the city on transfer of non-railway lands.

9) Major New Expansion to the Port of Prince Rupert

Ø $17.2 million from the Province to support container development.

Ø Up to $15 million from CN for rail infrastructure at the port.

Ø Work with federal government to secure added funding for the redevelopment

Ø Up to 500 direct jobs.

10) New Benefits for Squamish

Ø 71 acres of BC Rail land, currently leased to Nexen, to be transferred to Squamish to facilitate a major downtown revitalization initiative.

Ø CN will facilitate the upgrading of the Sea-to-Sky Highway and ensure rail alternatives for 2010 Olympics.

Ø Expanded municipal tax revenues of $650,000 for District of Squamish, and $495,000 for the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District.

Ø The Province will also negotiate the transfer of non-railway surplus lands.

11) $15-Million BC Rail First Nations Benefits Trust

Ø Will support economic development, educational advancement and cultural renewal for the 25 First Nations along the BC Rail corridor.

Ø This may include funding to: build capacity and provide seed-capital for aboriginal enterprises and joint partnerships; protect and promote languages; and support aboriginal youth apprenticeship training.

Ø CN to retain existing First Nations programs and staff.

Ø D’Arcy – Lillooet and Takla shuttle services continue.

Ø The Province will negotiate transfer of non-railway surplus lands.

12) New Tourism/Passenger Services

Ø BC Rail and CN are issuing a request for proposals to develop new passenger-tourist train services.

Ø These will create hundreds of jobs in the hospitality and tourism sector.

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North Van's Grumps said...

Hello Gary E,

I took the "2003OTP0103-001046" and added Premier Campell into the mix at Google and came up with several hits your's being the third one

It was the second one that caught my attention though because down at the bottom of that link brought up this:


CN’s proposal most fully met the evaluation criteria by providing the following benefits:......SNIP.....Freeing up new lands for local economic development, community recreation."

By "freeing up new lands" were the BC Liberals talking about what happens the day after July 14, 2009 for a $1?

And here's a copy of the seized documents that shows that CN Rail got perferential treatment.... but we've all seen this haven't we.


Gary E said...

NVG welcome back. I hadn't googled any of this so thanks for pointing that out.I'll check it out in the morning.
I had seen the CR Report in fact I have a copy on disc.
What really concerns me is that the Natives may have made a back door deal on the yards in North Van. I have an e-mail in but no response as yet. Tomorrow I think I'll email Chief Jacob and see what happens.