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The letter below was penned by Gabriela "Storm" Grabowsky, who has the misfortune of living right in the way of Gordon Campbell's dream of giving away the resources of British Columbia to the already rich, and often Eastern or even foreign Corporate bottom feeders. It has been published in the Valley Voice - Voices from the Valley, letters section. It needs to be made accessible everywhere possible because it shows the human side of the Greed Power Devastation and Destination Spa for Rich Outsiders Industry. People who hold the "pioneer" values that built this wonderful province, like Mick and Storm, have no place in Gordo's dream of total Corporate Control of Everything!
Where is justice for those with no money?

I live on a remote rural acreage with a river running through it. I have been here since 1993 and own both sides of the creek. We call the place Rainbow's End Ranch, because of the glorious water.
Now there is a corporation from Quebec that proposes a tunnel and dam to divert this water for hydro production. I have heard that 80% or 90% or no significant water loss will be involved. (These people keep changing their story.) Axor Corporation, under the guise of Purcell Green Power, has vastly more money then I do.
I have inquired with local lawyers as to what my rights are in these circumstances. I have been given to believe that ascertaining these rights under riparian law may well cost me my home!
I live on a disability pension of around $10,000 a year. I have no wish to lose my land and my home to save my water. This as you can imagine is somewhat of a dilemma for me. I have few debts, am pretty self reliant, and at 60 have no wishes to become homeless trying to pay for lawyers. Where is justice for those of us being besieged by huge corporations?
A dam 13 km above my land in a precipitous valley does not bode well. The water in Glacier Creek is a crystal clear blessing. The damage this corporation proposes to the ecosystem is unacceptable to those of us who hold Nature near and dear.
The $50,000 these people promise to give the community for their co-operation (to spend how they wish) is rather like the 30 pieces of silver somebody else was sold out for. How can justice be served when the odds are so astronomically uneven? Justice costs money, so where is justice for those of us who have none? What would you do in my place? I love my home. Water is essential. Glacier Creek is unique. It belongs to future generations not generators.
Gabriela Grabowsky

People work hard all their lives to enjoy their senior years This is a prime situation of the Gordon Campbell Government backing big business at the expense of the little guy.

It's time for everyone to get involved. Don't think for one minute you are exempt. Just look at what VANOC is trying to do to your right under the constitution for Free Speech.

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