A Letter From Germany To Rafe Mair

This Lady pretty much sums up the collusion and stalling by the Feds, and utter contempt by the DFO for the Supreme Court of Canada

Rafe here ... I received this today from a German woman which I thought you would find of interest.

Please pass it on to your address book.

To the Honourable Gail Shea,

DFO Minister

Dear Minister Shea,

I am writing to you from Germany because I am outraged about your “donation” of $ 1 million to the aquaculture industry of British Columbia. Certainly I have read about the BC Supreme Court´s decision that not the BC Ministry of Agriculture but the DFO is responsible for aquaculture at the Pacific coast. I imagined that the main task of the DFO would be protection of the native species and I hoped that you would really make a difference.

If you had given money to Marine Harvest for developing land-based closed containment for their Atlantic salmon or at least for taking their “farms” out of the migration routes of the Wild Pacific salmon I would have applauded your action. But giving money to them just for putting new chemicals (against Kudoa) into the ocean is just disgusting!

Even the boss of Marine Harvest, the Norwegian billionaire John Frederiksen, mentioned in an interview that salmon farms shouldn´t be positioned next to salmon bearing rivers. The BC Royal Commission on Aquaculture came to the conclusion that most people of coastal communities oppose fin fish farms and they suggested closed containments. In the recent BC election almost all coastal communities voted NDP, the party which opposes salmon farming. And according to the research Alexandra Morton has done salmon farms are a threat for Wild Pacific salmon. HOW MUCH EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED? If the Wild Pacific salmon runs collapse the whole eco-system of the Canadian West coast will be in jeopardy. Do you really want to risk it?

My impression is that you either have no idea about your duty as a Minister of Fisheries and Oceans or you have taken bribes from the salmon farm industry.

If I do a trip to BC again I will certainly NOT visit communities which promote salmon farming. I will spread the news here in Germany to others who plan a trip to BC. If you kill the Wild Pacific salmon you will kill the tourism in BC as well!

Yours sincerely,

Angelika Hanko
Adress and e-mail edited out by Gary E to protect MS Hanko from crackpots (in The PAB) and other wierdos

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