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Following is a response to a comment I made over at Whistleblowers BC regarding some employees at our former BC Rail (now CN) coming under pressure not to discuss what I allege are matters of the utmost importance. Forgoing Safety in the name of profit. Any railroaders out there that feel threatened should pass this information along to others. In fact anyone in a workplace that feels threatened should heed this advise.

Whistleblowers BC said...
Following up on your comment on my blog, I'd advise the workers to keep good logs and copies of documents, e-mails etc. in a safe place away from home. There are many risks of blowing the whistle when corporate thugs are at the wheel. I don't know what union all of these folks belong to, is it Public Service Alliance, there is some federal Whistleblower language. I don't know if workers have some sort of "duty to report" safety issues in the federal juris-diction, but I hope the union's are working with the Trans-portation Safety Board around some of this stuff. The Board is the one investigating, they know things are going very, very poorly. I was at an event & some federal workers were talking about how everyone seems to be unclear about whether the WCB Act & regulations apply to federal employees. Too many damn places all of these people wriggle out of. Such a lack of accountability. Sometimes I feel like the world has been highjacked by these amoral Pod people, bent on making a buck any way they can, at anyone's expense. Don't any of these big corporate fascists have children? Do they think that just because they can afford private schools etc. that their kids won't deal with the ramifications of corporate greed, recklessness and irresponsibility? How much money is enough? I just don't get it. I think all of us in the blogosphere have to start doing some outreach to the employees of places like CN, invite them to blow the whistle publically (anonymously of course & without defaming anyone). Regime change isn't just for corporate and political fascists and revolution isn't just for communists. There are so many of "us" and so few of "them" there is a tipping point, we just have to find it and we will, by working together.
Monday, June 09, 2008 7:04:00 PM

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"The People United Can Never Be Defeated" NEVER!
So WE must unite under one goal, to free US all from the likes of NAFTA, TILMA, NAU, NWO, GATEWAY TO HELL, Nationalize the corrupt corporations as they are few and WE are many!
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