Here we go again. More Court Screwups

While reading some of my favourite blogs I stopped by Bill Tieleman and found that he discovered the following:

Every indication was that today's BC Court of Appeal hearing on the issue of whether a secret Crown witness should give testimony in the Basi-Virk case without the defence lawyers present would take place without the media or the public in the courtroom.

Then I decided to do some more DD. So I went to the Adult Completed Court List for the North Vancouver Provincial Court to check the disposition.

This morning after I checked the list for today and confirmed that Case #49026-1 was a go I posted it on this site. (see Below) So I went back there tonight to see what had happened. There was no completed list for today and I thought that's okay, someone will post it overnight. I'll check again in the morning.

Then I thought maybe I should go back and recheck the docket for today. POOOF. Gone. No listing for CN Rail on the docket. It was erased. All the other cases were there. I happen to know some of the participants. Lawyers as well as Judges and Defendants.

So today in BC we have two important cases in which information was incorrect. What happened? Why were we misled on the Appeal Trial within the Basi-Virk case? Why was the CN hearing scratched from the docket?

In the case of CN, was it that there was a last minute change?

I will be checking the North Van docket several times a day from now on. Was there anyone out there present in the North Van Court today?


Anonymous said...

I was present at the Appeal Court hearing today and was shocked at the behaviour of Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino today.

I look forward to a positive ruling that will advance this case.

Gary E said...

Anon 12:52 AM

Thanks so much for your comment. I'm sure that BC Mary at the Legislature Raids would be happy to hear that a member of the public was present.

From what I have been able to glean from this so far is that SC Berardino has been out of character in his comments. Especially about Justice Bennett.

While you were in the court did you see any other citizens? Were you able to identify any Lawyers or Newspersons? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Keith Fraser and Mark Hume attended.

Berardino has not acted in a transparent fashion from day 1 of this scandal and I hope that an public inquiry will hold him personally accountable for his actions.

To threaten the Appeal Court to agree with him or that he will drop the case is truly a new low for a lawyer who is acting on behalf of the public.

We need a Special Prosecution team that will act independently and not simply be a mouthpiece for the RCMP.

kootcoot said...

"We need a Special Prosecution team that will act independently and not simply be a mouthpiece for the RCMP."

Or a mouthpiece for the Premier and the Ferret in hiding (Gordo's pantleg perhaps?).