Dividend Arrived Today, and it is Invested

Well, here it is Tuesday June 24 2008, and my portion of the bribe offered up to me from Campbell arrived in the mail. He calls it a dividend. I ask "Is this a one time dividend?"

You see usually when a company (or government) makes a bunch of money for their shareholders they give dividends. As long as they make a piss pot full of money they keep giving dividends.

So I repeat "is this a one time thing while you are reaping billions off the backs of the common man, or will there be more.?"

I hope there will be more because I am about to tell you what I am going to do with this "windfall". I thought very long and hard over this.

As most people know that read the blogs (where I make comments) I am a pensioner. I am not yet 65 but I have two pensions. One is a UNION pension and it is fixed. The other is a Government Pension and it is indexed to the cost of living. But you see the government has a lot of creative beancounters and they have various ways of keeping the "cost of living" in check. When I get a cost of living increase in the government pension it only comes about 4 months after the actual cost has risen. So for 4 months the government keeps my money (and that of thousands of others) in the bank collecting interest. By the time we get it you could say that this increase was "revenue neutral". So it really doesn't cost the government anything.

So I thought to myself "What can I do to make the most of this money?" You know, the hundred buck bribe. And I came up with a good plan.

I'm going to take half that money and invest it in something that will save me approximately $50 this year. It probably won't save me near that next year due to the actual cost of living. But this year it should make my money "revenue neutral" to me.

Now I thought long and hard on the next saving. And the only way I can see that money work for me is to invest it in someone running for the provincial legislature. Anyone but a Liberal. You see any liberal that is elected will be dictated to by Gordon Campbell. And that is not a good thing. So my bet is that the NDP will repeal most of the bad legislation passed by this dictatorial government if elected. And if they don't repeal this farce they will at least act fast to impliment the "cap and Trade" or something similar that this government is (I alledge) unwilling to do. You see we need to make the playing field level.

So my choice of person to elect and support with my $50 is an NDP member. That should piss off Campbell real bad. You see he despises the NDP as much as anyone could despise anyone or anything.

So, Charlie Wyse, where can I send my money?


Anonymous said...

Lucky Gary! Imagine having Charlie Wyse to represent you and your family in the BC Legislature!

It was a pleasure to discover that the Private Member's Bill introduced by CW had actually passed 3rd reading; it's provincial law already, intended to restore the co-operation and protection of cattle and property as formerly was done by BCRail.

I don't recall seeing this mentioned in any of the CanWest daily newspapers in BC.

So ... well done, Charlie Wyse. And good plan, Gary E.

BC Mary


Gary E said...

Thanks Mary. And thanks to Gordon Campbell for giving me the opportunity to oppose him in the best way possible.

I would encourage others to do the same as I. We aren't going to get rid of him unless the oppositions finances are a lot higher. And he needs to go.

Gary E said...

This just in:

I just received a e-mail from Charley Wyse thanking me for my donation. He has advised me where to send my donation for the South Cariboo Area of 100 Mile House.

Please make the check out for BCNDP
Mail To: Bill Robertson
Box 894
100 Mile House
V0K 2E0

He had asked me to post this adress I guess in case there are others in my area who wish to donate.
Sorry I don't have other offices listed. But I'm sure if you e-mail your MLA you will be provided with an adress.

kootcoot said...

Geez Gary, what hunnert are you talkin' 'bout? Oh yeah, that's right, I had to use that for gas and food last week, I almost forgot about it. Do you think Gordo would send me another hunnert if I promised to say somethin' nice about him (make that $1,000, a hunnert ain't enough).

Of course if he gives me a couple million or my own stream (or both) hell, I'll join the BC liaR party and the "circle." I could use a few square miles of timber rights along with that creek, you never know, I might need to build some forms or sell recreational land someday. Oh yeah, I almost forgot Gord, you see I have my eye on some land, but problem is it's in the ALR and I ain't lookin' to be no farmer. Maybe we could work something out, Dave ain't answering my calls or do I need to go through the man with tooooo many Ns in his name? Maybe I need to go to that house where all the guys that fly airplanes must live!