Way to go Bill Tieleman

Gas tax protest group numbers soar on Facebook

Canwest News Service

Published: Monday, June 30, 2008

VANCOUVER - Axe The BC Gas Tax - an online Facebook protest group created by political commentator Bill Tieleman - has signed up nearly 7,500 members in less than 3 weeks to fight the new provincial gas tax to be imposed on July 1.

Tieleman says the Facebook protest group he created to oppose Premier Gordon Campbell's 2.4 cents per litre carbon tax on gasoline and other fuels has grown far beyond his wildest expectations since he proposed it in his weekly column in 24 hours newspaper on June 10.

"I am amazed at the incredible growth of the Axe The BC Gas Tax group on Facebook in such a short period of time," Tieleman says. "It clearly shows how strongly British Columbians feel that the new gas tax is unfair, unnecessary and unacceptable."[snip.....]

Nice work Bill. And the mainstream media just gave you a push.

If you wish to sign up to this protest go to facebook.com

Sighning up is free

Then type in Axe The BC Gas Tax. Do not use periods in BC.

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