Delaneys' Response to Elections BC Heavy Handed Letter

For anyone who doesn't read the Fight HST site here is Chris Delaneys response to the letter sent out by the supposedly independent Elections BC

Elections BC intimidating voters and wasting police time

VANCOUVER – Fight HST is questioning why Elections BC has taken action against a small number of individuals who may have inadvertently or accidentally signed the citizens Initiative petition to eliminate the Harmonized Sales Tax twice.

Fight HST is concerned that both the timing of Elections BC’s threatening letters to citizens and disclosing to the media that they have asked the RCMP to investigate the actions of seven registered canvassers may negatively affect Fight HST’s Recall campaign against BC Liberal MLAs.
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“Elections BC has completely overreacted to the 1/3 of 1% of the 705,643 voter signatures obtained in the historic Fight HST citizens Initiative campaign that were somehow duplicates,” said Fight HST lead organizer Chris Delaney. “Sending intimidating letters to voters who made an honest mistake is incredibly heavy handed and wrong.”

Delaney said Fight HST will cooperate with the RCMP, but questions why news of the investigation was given to media without informing anti-HST proponent Bill Vander Zalm, and only a week before Fight HST is set to announce which BC Liberal MLAs will be the first subject to Recall campaigns.

“The Chief Electoral Officer has had this information for months, but only now decided to release it to the police and media? That is especially perplexing given that Elections BC told us from the beginning that if any signatures were accidentally duplicated, the extra signature would simply be discarded since all signatures had to be validated in their process.”

“Now they are acting like some people intentionally tried to deceive them. That is ridiculous. We have been inundated with emails from upset people all over BC saying that if they signed twice it was in an attempt to correct their address, or to put their formal name in place of a nick name," said Delaney.

Delaney said if any individual intentionally broke the rules they agreed to obey, then they should be held to account. "However, it is hard to imagine anyone deliberately duplicating a name, since all the canvassers knew that any invalid signatures would be discarded anyway. There was nothing to be gained by doing it."

Delaney said Elections BC is making a mountain out of a molehill, especially given that Acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James has already stated that the potential infractions do not invalidate the Initiative.

“Ordinary citizens did the extraordinary by volunteering and signing to make this the first-ever successful citizens Initiative in Canada,” Delaney said. “Attempting to make this into CSI Victoria is an unnecessary scare tactic and a waste of police


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no way we can trust Craig James. Campbell did vendetta's, against two honest members of Elections BC. Campbell soon gets rid of anyone truthful, that refuses to, sell their souls to the devil. Craig James, is just another one of, Campbell's kiss butt boys, who doesn't want to lose his job. The BC Liberals, are now behaving, at the level of spiteful pre-juveniles. While, juveniles do grow up. The BC Liberals, are regressing. Just when you think, the BC Liberals couldn't possibly get any lower, they do.

Anonymous said...

How far will this government and its paid political hacks go? Pretty obvious what this means right before Recall is to start, in my opinion. But, do not let them threaten or intimidate you, we must and will carry on regardless.

Shame on them all!

Anonymous said...

Campbell should make better use of the RCMP's time. He should have the RCMP, further investigate Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. Or perhaps the sea to sky highway. Has anyone read, Laila Yuile's sea to sky highway blog? If not, read it. I am signing the recall. I am shopping at Sears for x-mas. We are going back to, designated drivers and support the restaurants. We know, the RCMP must do what Campbell dictates. If they don't, Campbell will do a vendetta against them. They won't get their contract with, BC province. However, Campbell and Craig James, are welcome to come to my house, they sure as hell don't scare me. It is very obvious, Campbell is continuing his usual dirty work of, dirty tactics. BC is the most corrupt province in Canada. Campbell and his, dirty BC Liberal party, are the worst party, that anyone has seen. Ask the WW11 veterans, they will tell you, what they think of the BC Liberals. They were blown to hell, for a monster, dictator and a fascist. Holland and many other countries, really appreciate our young Canadian boys. They fought and liberated countries. That was worth their while. Campbell, Harper and the BC Liberals weren't.