Is Democracy Being Subverted By a Corrupt Government and a Complicit Police Force?

Robin Mathews reporting from the Vancouver Courthouse on the adjustments today to Dave Basis sentence in the Legislature Raids had the following to report.

"Indeed, outside the Law Courts the massed media waiting to hear from Bill Vanderzalm and his team about the HST and the Recall Campaign, found themselves (willingly) addressed by Michael Geoghegan, a consultant from Victoria.  Describing himself as a concerned citizen and a friend of Dave Basi and a card-carrying member of the Liberal Party, Mr. Geoghegan stated his belief that there was going to be a grab ... by government ...for the evidentiary documentation produced  in the process of the pre-trial and trial processes.

Mr. Geoghegan said that the material should stay in hands that can make it available to a Public Inquiry - or for any other reasonable use to which the public wants it put."

And this from Bill Tieleman

Outside court political commentator Michael Geoghegan, a Basi friend, said the RCMP pressuring Basi to cooperate in what he said is their intention to regain evidence from the trial in his possession and destroy it, jeopardizing a possible public inquiry.
Now I don't know about my readers but if this is in the works I alledge it is tantamount to treason
In this country there is no room for this type of subversion. A complete and thorough investigation should be immediately launched into these allegations. Further a Court injunction should be sought  to lock this evidence into the hands of the people.

If this type of subversion is allowed to go ahead (if true) we in this country are in deep trouble. Very deep trouble.
I don't know anything about Mr. Geoghegan. It matters not to me, nor should it to you if he is pulling our leg so to speak but if these allegations are not investigated immediately there will be severe consequences to those involved. I believe the people of this province have had enough from this government. The time for Liberal MLA's to resign en masse is now, or face recall.

Further if there is no reporting of this in the mainstream media everyone in the province should be writing them and demanding to know why it is not being reported.


BC Mary said...

Saving the documents is our next battle.

Locked within those pages is the evidence which British Columbians need to know about how BC Rail slid from public ownership into private pockets.

We've paid millions of dollars to have a trial in hopes of finding out.

It's outrageous that RCMP or anyone else should be hellbent on destroying those papers. Isn't that a huge message?

We must have access to all the supporting documents disclosed during the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial.

Anonymous said...

The RCMP will do as Campbell dictates. If they don't obey, their contract won't be renewed with BC province. Campbell's dirty work, is surfacing worse than ever. His resignation, was just another dirty tactic, to stall for time. Campbell is in a panic, to get the BCR documents seized. We know Campbell's famous quote is, shred, shred, shred. He certainly is afraid of something.