Has Elections BC Gone Outside Their Mandate? Are They Messing With Legislation?

The following post is from Bill Tielemans' Blog

Anonymous Paul said...
Proof that Elections BCadded "Number of words in proponent statement" on November 24 Below is technical proof, this clause was added on November 23, 2010, AFTER the submission of the recall application. Technical Proof! This shows two Google snapshots of the Elections BC recall page. November 23, 2010 snapshot E. Recall petition application package: It is recommended that anyone planning to apply for a recall petition carefully study the forms and guides listed below before making an application. The application package contains: The "Number of words in proponent statement" link does not exist in the November 23 snapshot. The page on November 25, 2010 clearly shows the Number of words in proponent statement link. They placed this new link right in the middle of the original five links probably thinking that no one would notice the difference. Furthermore, there was a new folder created on November 24th beneath the Elections BC "/docs/" folder called "rcl/" A new .PDF document created on November 24, 2010 2:51 PM containing the new clause was placed into this new folder. The definitions of what counts as a word were obviously changed sometime between the filing and the rejecting of this Recall Petition. Craig James was obviously ordered to find something wrong with the application. What other monkey wrench is Craig James going to throw into the works after everything is re-submitted? People try to play by the rules and this Campbell anointed clown changes them. He's supposed to be appointed by an all party commitee not just the Campbell Liberals. Spread the link. The first commenter asks the question: This seems anti-democratic to the point of possibly being criminal. If this requirement were changed on November 24th as some are claiming does this deserve a criminal investigation? Or is that reserved for fictitious crimes against back decks?
(Gary E)How anyone in this province can believe that Elections BC is not being manipulate by this government is beyond me.
Why is it taking so long for the MSM to report these findings? Or are they going to report them at all? What kind of spin will Palmer and Baldry put on this? How will they make it look like it's the NDP's fault? Or for that matter the fault of the people of BC?


Hugh said...

To treat MLA as a single word is reasonable, since it is an acronym.

My Oxford English dictionary defines acronym as:

"a WORD formed from the initial letters of other words".

Using that definition, my understanding is that the petition was under 200 words.

Anonymous said...

Campbell got rid of the two most honest members, from Elections BC. This was so he could hand pick someone who, was willing to do his dirty work. Hence, Craig James, who is more than willing to sell his soul, to the devil Campbell. James is a very stupid person. Is he so stupid, that he doesn't realize? Campbell will not hesitate to call him a criminal, if he is caught, tampering with the Elections BC act, and cut his throat, as he did to Basi and Virk??? They were just following orders as well. Basi and Virk said, they were told to keep their mouths shut, and they would be taken care of. And indeed, they were taken very good care of. They are upset, they have lost their good names. But, that is the price you pay, for following corrupt orders. Beware Mr. James!!!