BC Rail Court Sentence

A Deuce less

That's two years less a day. This sentence effectively keeps the trial within the jurisdiction of the Province. Out of the federal realm.

By now the whole province is outraged that the defendants in the Basi-Virk Trial have plead out. Guilty. And the Judge in the case after impeding the  trial herself has taken pity on the defendants and given them house arrest. She says "because they have young families.

I allege that this presents a double standard in our system. Think about it. This excuse we call a government has robbed the people of money from their pockets. They have set up the lowest minimum wage in the country. We have the highest child poverty in the country. And these people plead guilty in a obvious plea bargain. But they have young families so they get what amounts to a slap on the wrist.

What about all those people that are driven, because of the Campbell policies, to crime. Are they let off with a slap on the wrist. I think not.

So now the people are so pissed (watch out for the language cops) that they are calling for a public Inquiry. According to the  Attorney General we aren't going to get one.

Well Mr. AG we'll just see about that. I submit that your so called government is about to fall. Your arrogance in all matters in this province are sickening to say the least. The people of this province have had it with you and they are about to speak out.

We have a democratic system unlike any other in this country and we are going to use it. We will get our Inquiry and heads will roll. Karma Mr. AG, Karma.

As for the MSM in this Province. Just look at how they are prancing around saying the government is good and there was never anything to see here. The only thing more sickening than the governments attitude is the MSM lap dog mentality. Unbelievable.


BC Rail Poll said...

Should British Columbians Have A Public Inquiry In Relation To The Sale Of B.C. Rail?
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kootcoot said...

I don't think we want a public inquiry while these guys are still government. We would just have another farce/whitewash with most likely co-commissioners Gary Collins and Judith Reid or Kelly Reichart's brother in law.

Get rid of the Campbell government, then have an inquiry and then put Campbell, Wally, Ding Dong, the Ferret etc. in GAOL!

Anonymous said...

Any SMART criminal knows that one MUST work alone. If ONE other person knows about his/her actions, it is one too many. In this present debacle, many, many "know", and have the goods on many others.
The Players should be afraid, very afraid. The Factories that churn out Brown Envelopes are still in productivity..............

Gary E said...

Kootcoot I think you are absolutely right about not wanting a Public Inquiry into this while The Campbellites are in power. Nor any other matter that pertains to government or big business. And the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.
The only way to get anything done now is to get rid of this government. Immediately.

Anon 7:32 I really don't remember meeting any SMART criminals. In fact I'm pretty sure there aren't any.

kootcoot said...

Sorry Gary, but there are smart criminals, but they are so smart that most people don't know they are criminals, and they definitely aren't in jail.

So far the Campbell Crime Family has been pretty smart, I mean, some of us are on to them, but they are still enriching themselves at our expense - until they are shamed and jailed, they are winning the smart game.

Some people like to claim that the Campbell Crime Family is dumb, that they can't manage a lemonade stand. Well all the stuff they do that looks stoooopid is exactly what they are trying to do. The force BC Hydro to buy pirate power and sell it at less than 1/4 the purchase price, not because they are dumb, but because they are venal and greedy and WANT to make a case for privatization (and most people are so dumb they don't realize no one would want to buy BC Hydro if it was REALLY a loser, no more than CN would have wanted BC Rail if it was really a loser).

Norm Farrell said...

Hey, it is house arrest that is near meaningless. What are the exceptions?

Well, beyond the typical reasons for absence like medical and religious observances, they can leave home for work (oh, those 18 hour days of the self employed!), for family activities and for daily recreation. What else, we don't know at this stage.

If someone will gift me with $6 million, I'll stay at home under those conditions for two years. Maybe more.

Gary E said...

Well Koot

I never knew a smart criminal. And as far as Campbell goes if we say he is smart then I believe we are feeding the Palmer, Baldry,Good propaganda that bloggers (or as some say citizen journalists)are stupid.Or just plain don't know what they are doing. Funny thing about that is we have given more concrete information to the public in the past 4 or5 years than they have in the lat 30.
Each and every one of the reporters in the MSM (with the possible exception of Mike Smyth)has not done one Iota of investigative journalism or even actual reporting in the BC Rail case. They just feed off each other and take little pieces from Bloggers.But all of a sudden when it suits their lapdog mentality they become Experts on the case and try to tell us that the government is innocent and we don't know what we are doing.
Funny thing about that. I found out today from someone pretty much in the know that the Sun, Province and VTC are losing subscribers in droves. And I would venture to say a lot of people are not watching the pumpers on TV either. Karma, brother, Karma

Gary E said...

My thoughts on house arrests Norman are that it is a joke. In most cases it means nothing. And in this case it's a payoff. The biggest joke on the people ever.
You see, tome when you plead guilty you go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 6 million dollars.
You forfeit all rights. You are incarcerated for whatever duration. And while there you get 1 hour exercise per day and four hours yard time. You don't get TV or hardball and nowadays computers.(unless you are taking courses on it) You get to take a course for meaningful employment on release and if you fail you stay until full parole or you sentence is completed.
I know I'm going to take flak on these thoughts. But that's the way I see things and it is my constitutional right to express those thoughts.

Gary E said...

By the way folks. I got word roundabout today that the people that offered Basi the bribe in the loand deal on the Island, were rushed into court, plead guilty, and got off with a $200,000 fine, and get this. They have five years to pay. Do you think we will ever see that money, much less the return of the land in question.
I mention this because I still haven't seen the people who offered the Basi and Virk charged under the criminal code. AND THE OFFENSE OF OFFERING A BRIBE IS THE SAME AS ACCEPTING ONE.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I would want to be, Campbell, Hansen, nor, any of the BC Liberals. They will constantly have to look over their shoulders. There is a lot of anger out there. I think Campbell will split down east to Harper. I read, there is a job for him there, whenever. Campbell works for Harper, and always has. The gall of Campbell to say, he has more work to do? Meaning he still hasn't stuffed his wallet full enough quite yet? BC governing official, have the highest security bills, in all of Canada. Don't forget people, Harper, Campbell and Hansen, have many pollution plans for BC. There are thousands of citizens supporting the, First Nations People, fighting to keep their, lands, lakes, rivers , streams and the sea, from Campbell's, and etal, pollution.

John Carten said...


I am delighted to read that another British Columbian has come to his senses and awakened from the Gordon Campbell trance.

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