Well.Well,Well What do we have here

 Vaughn Palmer reporting on Campbell
"It's time that B.C. had a government that did what people told it to do," he told reporters, the ink barely dry on the party membership card he'd signed two days earlier. "The first item on the order paper should be legislation for recall."

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I will never read, The Sun or The Province again. I have had, a belly full of Palmer too. I give out unfavorable remarks for, some TV stations, and radio stations as well. There is precious little, good and honest journalism left. Who in the hell else, would back up a monster like Campbell? We know, Campbell threatens any one opposing him. However, it's up the to media, for what they are willing to sell their souls for. Well, they sold their souls, cheap. What they will have for readers and listeners, is their own problem. They went down to Campbell's level, and, that's too far down for me.