Bill (not so) Good's Questions Just Shot Down

Bill Good has been repeatedly asking the question on air "if you get rid of the HST how will you pay for social programs, health care, schools etc.

I have been trying for months to get people like him to figure out what has happened. Not the least of which was giving away BC Rail.

But now, our own finance minister has shot Goods propaganda all to hell.

Seems our finance department has found another 2.7 billion in corporate taxes that magically appeared in the middle of the HST rebellion. He even says that they have an option with what to do with part of the windfall. Like maybe paying back the Feds all the money minus the bribe money of $235 Million

I have another question. Where did they find this money. Was it from a projected deal to further reduce corporate taxes? Quite possibly.

So, Bill Good Junior, what do you think of that.


Anonymous said...

Alberta has no provincial sales tax. BC could easily do the same. No civil (social assistance, trough snorters) servant should earn more than double the ave. provincial industrial wage, all in. Just where in heck do these trough snorters think the money comes from. Easy raise royalty rates on oil and gas, raise property taxes on homes over 300k. In 2007 value was $808 billion so lets say now it is about 1.3 trillion 1% is 13 billion Very easy to pay for everything and reduce taxes to zero for anyone earning under 50k

Anonymous said...

Yes. But, Alberta is not as corrupt as BC. Corruption and greed, kills. BC has been, very badly thieved. Our mills have been shut down. Our, 38.000 mill jobs went to China, along with our raw logs. Our BC Railroad, was thieved and sold. Our rivers, were thieved and sold. Campbell, deliberately, is killing our Health Care. What kind of an idiot, tries to run hospitals as a business? Education will go on being slashed. Campbell is forcing, private schools, to be opened. He will then, cram as many, not so wealthy students, into as few public schools, as possible. Campbell, is no doubt, now a multi millionaire. His $2 million, per year pension, isn't too shabby either.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they found this money in the % of POC that Harper allocated in '06, to stay in BC ?

Gary E said...

Sorry 6:58 am. Things are a little foggy for me at this tome of the morning. uWhat is POC.

Also, If they have money from somewhere just sitting around from '06 why wasn't it used then on things like health care.

Did you know tyhat all the shutting down of operating rooms and maternity wards is bogus. It's a ruse by Campbell to make things look bad so he can pump up the system with private health clinics. And further, in rural areas like here in the Cariboo it puts the mothers AND babies at risk. That's the kind of callous asshole we have running our province.

kootcoot said...

"Yes. But, Alberta is not as corrupt as BC. Corruption and greed, kills."

In Alberta they don't have to be as corrupt because they are a post-democratic one-party monarchy. As long as the oil lasts and there are people to buy it, Alberta will thrive and the oil oligarchy will be re-elected. When either the oil or the market for it is gone, Alberta will return to being a have-not province and half the population will move west or east leaving the depleted toxic wasteland they've turned Alberta into behind.

And Gary, though having BC Rail back and not forcing BC Hydro to lose money etc. would help provincial finances - the elimination of the HST leaves no funding shortfalls, according to the government's own statements it is REVENUE NEUTRAL and even will bring in less than the old PST in the first year (or maybe more). The only real difference is WHO is paying the bills. The regular folks while welfare is increased for the corporate piggies at the trough.

But you are 100% right on about the health system, the whole plan since 2001 has been to make our system so poor that the garbage they call a health care system in America looks good and the privateers like Dr. Day can prosper at the expense of most of us.

Grant G said...

Mr. E....You made the big time, Terry Lake and Christy clark slammed you on the radio...

And you CKNW 3:00PM news...I suspect you will be mentioned for days on the cknw news..

Cheers...We got the corrupt BC Liberals running around like chickens with their heads cut off!


Anonymous said...

Great post! Bill "not so good", has shown his true self. He is a gordyite, loves the payoffs, loves the "high" life, loves smearing all who are against gordo "the impaler". RECALL NOW!

Kam Lee