Is Colin Hansen A Insane Person Or Just Plain Stupid?

"I'm proud of what we've accomplished and I intend to fully continue to work on behalf of the people of British Columbia," he said.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2010/09/03/bc-cd-howe-hst-study.html#ixzz0ylMCG7Gn
I submit that this man (if you want to call him that) has done absolutely nothing for the people of British Columbia. In fact with the HST he has imposed more harm on the people of BC than any government in this country since the implementation of Income Tax to fight the war effort.And the temporary measure of income tax was justified at the time.

With this tax he has not done ONE IOTA on behalf of the PEOPLE of BC.

What he has done is rape the people by theft. Then prostituted himself to big business interests.
The spin now is, how do we pay for the social programs?  So I'll tell you.
1. Bring us back our railway
2. Put BC Hydro back to the way it was and stop killing our rivers.
3. Bring BC Ferries back into the fold

Put everything back that you have broken to the way it was.
Fair Taxes for all or Recall In The Fall

I ask you this: Could a mans head get any further up his ass?


Stephanie said...

I would say he's Insanely stupid. I would also have to disagree with your head/ass comment. I think his head is up Gordo's ass.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Because of Campbell and Hansen's lies, deceit and cheating to win, tells a person, exactly what kind of scum, we have governing this province. This province, is governed by corruption and greed. Campbell and Hansen, are totally to blame, for putting BC, into the billions of dollars in debt. Hence, the taxing frenzy, of the provincial budget tax hikes, and the HST, on everything, except on a few basic grocery items. The HST is responsible for, prices to go sky high, just before the HST was due. So many small businesses, and restaurants have closed their doors, because of the HST, and so is Real Estate, taking a big hit.

Mr. Bob Dobalina said...

Hey Gary,

Love the blog. Are you aware of anywhere on line where I could obtain a list of lies and double talk that has been spewed by Gordon Campbell? I'm looking to make a t-shirt print that's a list of lies he's told. Thanks in advance.

Gary E said...

Well Mr. Bob Dobalina, I would wish you well in your endeavor but you may have a huge problem. You see I don't believe there is enough material in the world to make a t-shirt large enough to cover all Campbells lies. You see it has been myobservation that Gordon Campbell is incapable of telling the truth. And you can go as far back as I believe 1999 when he told us he wouldn't sell our railway.
All you have to do is google Gordon Campbell Lies and you will find enough material to keep you busy for years.