Wasteful Advertising by the liberals

BC Mary had a point the other day. She was watching a Canucks game on TV and saw a commercial on BC Ferries. Unfortunately I don't have TV and rarely watch it at the outlaws. So I can't comment fully on the meat of this ad. So the question here is why are they advertising? Last time we checked there was no competition. They are a monopoly. Along with obscene raises, this only amounts to more waste.

The other day I was at the outlaws and did see a commercial. It was about "the best place on earth" and there were scenes of mega projects like the Richmond skating oval, the Bennett Bridge in Kelowna, the bridge over a canyon on the Kicking Horse River, Aerospace. You know the one. Well it ended with a statement that the ad was paid for by the province. But I didn't see the provincial logo so it confused me. I sent an e-mail to my MLA and asked him if "the province" meant that the NDP helped pay for it. Or put their stamp on it? The answer was that it was being paid for with taxpayer dollars. Not by the combined forces in the legislature. Not sanctioned by Her Majestys' Loyal Opposition. So what this tells me is that the liberals are using our money to further their own interests.

As I watched this ad I got the distinct feeling that it was geared toward giving us a fuzzy feeling for the liberals not the fact that these mega projects were costing us billions of taxpayer dollars. Not to mention the cost overruns. Which made me think "why are they advertising with a slant toward them being the benefactors, not we the taxpayer". After all it is our money that built these projects. Not the liberals'.

The people of this province and the unparalleled beautiful scenery make this province "the best place on earth".Not that ridiculous smile on the premiers face. Not the money spent on mega projects instead of being spent on the health an welfare of our children and seniors. Or the apparent reneging on the promise for a Spirit Bear Park. Or I allege the delays in proceeding with the Basi-Virk trial. Or the bailing out of a single private corporation by giving them millions to be able to have lower fares in the Christmas season. (note I said Christmas and not holiday. I can't stand a lot of the politically correct bullshit going on these days)

So where does this leave us? Well all I see is a well oiled Propaganda Machine and a premier that has to be in every photo-op going on in this province which is geared to altering the mindset of the population. Kind of like Chinese water torture. The only people in "the best place on earth" who may benefit from this Propaganda are the members of the Liberal Party of BC.

And there in lies my problem. They are using Taxpayer Dollars to advertise themselves.And that, I allege, is fraud.

Many thanks to the ever watchful BC Mary for feeding me a lead in for this post.


Gary E said...

To the Anon who sent me the You Tube item for this topic.

I have a couple of problems here posting You Tube items not the least of which is the fact that living in the bush I only have access to dial-up. It takes forever to download two minutes.In this case I cannot even download it from the comment section as you have entered it.The address doesn't make sense to me as I am not familiar with Yoou Tube.
Perhaps you could send me the title of this entry and I could find it myself. I need to scrutinize this before posting.
Thanks for your trouble.

Anonymous said...

Search for "Best Premier of Excess"