On Corporate Welfare

If any of you think that Corporations don't get a form of welfare just have a look at the following response by in the online Media, The Tyee.

An article in The Tyee on turning the tables from big business welfare to investing in the poor and unemployed produced the following from a commentor named Fiat lux. And when he posts he knows of what he speaks.

Fiat lux
8 hours ago

Rupert Murdoch's speech.......

Getting the public ready for microchip implants ?

Interesting that the world's governments have just bailed out, or at least are attempting to, the bankrupt "free market" system, to the tune of some 5 trillion, that would have put food on the table of all the starving for years to come, but their propagandists are still demanding less and smaller governments.

And, of course, our politicians are jumping to their demands.

Ed Deak.



To: sunrise
Subject: Goldman Sachs at work

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Goldman Sachs is on course to pay its top City bankers multimillion-pound bonuses - despite asking the U.S. government for an emergency bail-out.

The struggling Wall Street bank has set aside £7billion [approximately $14 billion] for salaries and 2008 year-end bonuses, it emerged yesterday.

Each of the firm's 443 partners is on course to pocket an average Christmas bonus of more than £3million [$6 million].

The size of that pay pool comfortably dwarfs the £6.1billion [$12 billion] lifeline which the U.S. government is throwing to Goldman as part of its £430 billion bail-out.

As Washington pours money into the bank, that cash will immediately be channelled to Goldman's already well-heeled employees.


Yes, you read that right. Four hundred and forty three top executives in a firm that is receiving 6.1 billion dollars in emergency aid from American taxpayers are EACH being rewarded with THREE MILLION DOLLAR Christmas bonuses!

Another commentor writes that this could be why 300 million Americans don't get one Million dollars each. It will be very interesting to see what Barrack Obama does when he is elected the next President of the U.S.A.

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kootcoot said...

The current ongoing massive shoveling of money at the greed mongers of Wall Street and the Financial Hucksters by the lame duck administration is now around EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS in the last couple or three months.

This is the largest transfer of wealth from one group of people to another in the entire history of the UNIVERSE! Bu$hCo obviously isn't going to leave a crumb in the cookie jar for Obama, if they can help it!