Two Rons get it Right

Following are two comments I thought were rather poignant on Campbells' Use of the Media and his hype to the party convention at Whistler. I pulled them from comments on an article in the mainstream media 3 weeks ago

Ron R # 1
Sat, Nov 1, 08 at 05:45 PM
Campbell gives with one hand, then taxes in another area!!! We are homeowners in Port Coquitlam and used Premier Gordon Campbell's and BC Hydro's pleas to help reduce greenhouse emissions. We have used this plea in our (and I'm sure many other households') decision to go green by installing a high efficiency gas furnace, instant electric water heater and heat pump in our residence. This has been a considerable expense on our part, using the premier's and industries' comments that we would enjoy 50 percent or more savings on our expenses for heating our home and water. These savings have now vanished! This has helped with our BC Gas bill, but BC Hydro has taken those savings away by charging a higher, Step 2 rate for most or all of the heat pump and instant water heater's usage, as our electric bill has now at least tripled due to these new appliances. We believe that BC Hydro has figured this out and is now capitalizing on this fact to now charge this Step 2 rate. We believe this unfairly penalizes consumers who have taken the step to go green not knowing that BC Hydro has changed the rates.
There is no possible way to stay under their Step 2 plan when our heat pump and instant water heater has used up the Step 1 rate alone in the September and October monthly billing times. This will only escalate as the weather gets colder, the heat pump's usage greatly increases, and we find that most or all of that usage will be at the greater, Step 2 rate.
This will help with greenhouse gases, but how does that help us, one of us a senior on a fixed disability pension budget? There will be no savings there, even with our now greater expense of paying for the heat pump, instant water heater and furnace installation.
We understand that BC Hydro has to upgrade its infrastructure (not at the expense of Private Power and an Alcan payout, along with his big business tax cuts!!!), but believe there is a better way to recoup their costs than to unfairly penalize consumers who have taken steps to address the Premier's and BC Hydro's pleas to go green.
We wish you would look at BC Hydro's plan to capitalize on consumers' green plans and seriously consider Campbell's green plan. It Will Cost You More!!!!.
I would also like to know why, in his speech on television, he forgot to mention how much of a hand out to big business was going to cost us taxpayers, even though he mentioned all the other program costs?
Another note: We have still not received the BC Government's rebates that were promised when we originally installed our furnace, instant water heater and heat pump 6 months ago, even though the Federal Government has sent their rebate.
Nice green plan, Gordon Campbell.

And then Ron#2 writes

Ron #2
Sat, Nov 1, 08 at 10:30 PM
The tax assessment relief is all blather. It won't do anything. Another smoke screen by this joke we call the Premier of our province. And to bring attacks on the NDP into his speech is blatant US politics that any Canadian worth his salt will see right through (the NDP's no better, instead of facing the facts and taking responsibility).
We'll see how the stock market helps him in his run up to the election. If the BC economy is in the dumps at election time along with the rest of North America like the predictions are, we will know he is worthless and it's just economics and nothing he did changed anything.
The man's made himself a bundle off the working man's backs and nothing but scams have followed him right from the start (raises, no answer on BC Rail, how much is this costing the taxpayer for his lawyers?) and oh yeah, how much property does he and/or his wife or buddies have on the new Sea to Sky Highway, the previously stated BC Hydro-LiveSmart scam).
The only thing that would ever change my mind about Campbell is if he pushed back his and his ministers' wages to the public sector hikes he illegally forced upon the working people that run this province and take care of our sick, instead of the 70 percent hikes they gave themselves in the last 8 years.
That, and releasing the amount of tax break money he has given to his big business buddies that he so sneakily omitted from his television speech. Those monies are surely to be 10 times more than the 20 million here, 40 million there that he was spouting in that speech...We taxpayers paid for the TV time also (Electioneering on the public purse).
Disgraceful !!!! To quote a Led Zeppelin song: "Lying, Cheatin', Hurtin', that's all you seem to do"........Yeah, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Mr. Premier......Enough said.......

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