Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal MLA's

Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are

I have just heard a newscast that has upset me and made me as mad as I have ever been.

From CFJC News. Kamloops
November, 10, 2008

Tomorrow is November 11,2008. Remembrance Day in Canada. A day in which we honor members of the armed forces that have fallen or been wounded or even served in two world wars, the Korean conflict and these days in Afghanistan. Over 110,000 men and women. These members gave their lives in these conflicts so that we, the people of this country and others around the world could live free and in peace. Some of the fallen were still children under the age of 18.

My own father was injured and my mothers convoy was fired upon during the Second World War. Two incidents that could well have kept me from writing this blog, but for a few inches. I myself am a veteran of the armed forces (peacetime). I was born on November 11 during the Second World War. And growing up in this province and country I have been made well aware of the sacrifices made to keep me free.

It is bad enough that you ignore the poor and homeless, or that you give yourself and your MLA's obscene raises and golden pensions. It's sickening when you change legislation after losing court battles to suit your own agenda. It's outrageous when we watch you open your mouth to say one thing only to do another. It's criminal that your government interferes in court case such as the BC Rail/ Legislature Raids, claiming in the legislature that you "can't comment on matters before the courts." Yet you will comment on other things when it suits you. And tearing up legal documents just because you don't like them. Or the way(I allege) you give welfare to your business buddies.

But now you have pissed me off. There is a movement afoot to honor fallen soldiers during the Great War from this country and EVERY province in this vast country of ours is participating. EXCEPT BRITISH COLUMBIA. The Queen is involved. But not BC. Why? because you have not seen fit to advance a god damn lousy $62,000 in order to allow us to participate. And I am speaking of Vigil 1914-1918

Have you no shame sir? Have you no shame? Just who the hell do you think you are?

I have written this in my blog rather than e-mail you or your colleagues because your past practices in my experience is not to respond in a timely manner. You wait until you think the smoke clears. So I'll just wait and see if your spin doctors post here.

Since you have seen fit to turn this embarrassment on the people of this province I now deem you unfit to govern. Resign. Damn you make me sick. All of you on the government side.


North Van's Grumps said...

Back in 2004, Quebec went one worse: "A legion in his constituency requested new flags for Remembrance Day, and being that it is a Bloc Quebecois riding, his office said that they do not issue Canadian flags. Everywhere else in the country, this request is heartily granted, but no, not in Quebec. They told the legion to get them from the heritage department. These yahoo MP's sure don't mind getting a paycheque with the maple leaf on them though, as was quoted by a fellow politician."

I never knew my British Grandfather, vaguely remembering my Grandmother, for I was six months old at the time (is that possible)(maybe I've seen my mother's family B/W photos so many times I think I knew each and everyone of them with one thing missing... a Father, a Brother, a Husband, a fighter, a defender all in the name of democracy.

And now now Gordon Campbell's government has proven that its no different than ........ the 2004 jerks in Quebec

Gary E said...

Whoa NVG. Don't get me started on those who would break up this country. My language may not be so mild and I would surely raise the hackles on the Bloq.
Our lives (yours and mine) differ in that in all the wars since the Boer War I had only 2 relatives wounded and none killed in action. But the deaths that occurred from direct results were many. And I think that is something that this dictator in Victoria had better start thinking about. I'll bet that these liberals' hypocrisy shows up loud and clear on their lapels today.

kootcoot said...

Happy Birthday Gary!

Gary E said...

Thanks Koot. Although Birthday wishes weren't the intent here it's nice to hear.

I'll be heading to town in about a half hour to attend ceremonies and due to the distance I have to travel I won't be back until early afternoon so comment posting (if any) will be delayed. But I will get to them today.

Anonymous said...

Good wishes for many happy returns of your birthday, Gary.

Thanks for the spirited defence of the NAMING memorial, a brilliant and original idea which should be welcomed from sea to sea to sea.

Sad to think that this kind of bastard has decided upon a new kind of war: the haves against the havenots. Maybe it always was that ... but now, it's more bare-knuckle.

Interesting that the banks are refusing to lend money to each other. Big clue: No trust there.

Lest we forget.

BC Mary


Gary E said...

Thanks Anon 12:30Mary

I have been thinking a lot about the class wars he has put us under. But you know, it has been going on for a long time. My first vote was at the age of 18 and it was Federal as I was in the Air Force. And the big news here is I voted Liberal. That was the one and only time I made that mistake. A little naive at that age. I soon saw what was happening to the have-nots and after very little research saw that the only time they were given what they needed was when the party in power was afraid of being defeated. So they threw the have-nots a bone here and there. When I returned home after my discharge I was appalled to see what was going on here. So appalled that I took an active interest by volunteering to help defeat any of the Haves that ran for power.
This "bastard" has mastered the art of throwing a bone. Well, no more.

Anonymous said...

Gary - who is your source on the Leg raid case? You will remember that this issue broke a few months back.

Yuu seem to be right angry at the government but when the shoes on the other foot...well that's another story!

Gary E said...

Anon 3:12 PM
You re a very persistent person. I remember quite well when this story broke a few months ago. And at that time I believe you were told that my source would not be revealed until the time was right. The time is not right now just as it wasn't back then. I will let you know when the time is right, when I and some others deem the time to be right.

I'm not sure I understand your statement "Yuu seem to be right angry at the government but when the shoes on the other foot...well that's another story!" As well as the shoe being on the other foot.
Damn strait I'm angry at the government and in particular Gordon Campbell. I'm mad at the Cabinet because until very, very recently (in only a couple of instances) they appear not to be earning their obscene wages. They haven't been doing their jobs. Campbell has. And he's still running around the province like the proverbial Dutch Boy putting his finger in the dike and having his picture taken at every opportunity. Now you have it.
But in this case. About the Vigil 1914-1918 the decision to not allow this province to participate by withholding the financing is a sign of morally bankrupt people.
Now. I have given you the opportunity to once again harp on something which for you is a lost cause until I and others discuss that matter openly. You are more than welcome to comment here on each subject matter under its heading. Any further discussion off topic will be treated the same as other bloggers and will be edited to suit the subject. You will see something like "edited for subject content" or "deleted (for whatever reason)"

Anonymous said...

Based upon your answer, i know that you are protecting someone very closely involved with this case.

But why protect this person? What are you hiding? When the times right you will reveal this source?
When will that be? Who are the others that you speak of?

This blog is an insult to the blogger community. Shame on you.