Watch the Body Language

Could this be another Big Lie.

Solicitor General John Les resigned last week after the Criminal Justice Branch issued a news release that he was under investigation regarding land dealings in Chilliwack while he was Mayor of that community.

Now Mr. Les has stated that he is completely confident he has done nothing wrong and we have no reason to dispute that statement.

However what we do have reason to suspect is the timing of the criminal justice branch in releasing this news.

Lets have a look at a couple of things. First it has been about a year since the theories put forward on the Blogosphere have heated up regarding the Liberals interference in the process of (or progress of) the Basi-Virk-Basi trial. That puts it around March or April of 2007. One of the main observations was that the government or the RCMP could be dictating what the Special (independant) prosecutor could feed to the courts. Now not just Bloggers are involved in this arguement. Opposition MLA's have also taken up the banner. The heat is on.

So let's see. June 2007: a special prosecutor is appointed to look into land deals in Chilliwack. The city in which the now Solicitor General was Mayor at the time. But wait. The Criminal Justice Branch keeps this secret for 9 months. So we fast forward to March/April 2008. The heat is really getting too much for the government in The Basi-Virk-Basi trial. Too many allegations of political interference are being brought forward. The Government is under pressure. Voila! It is revealed that there is an investigation going on involving the Solicitor General.
This revelation happens at or about 5:30 PM on Friday March 28,2007. Not enough time for the Media to hit deadlines for Friday but enough time to stall so the Premier can prance out and state he had no idea the provinces" top cop was under investigation for 9 months.
Then he goes on to say "I don't know who's been investigated or when its been investigated or when a special prosecutor was appointed. And that's the way it should be. I think it's in the publice interest to make sure those decisions and investigations are free of any political interference."
Now if it weren't for the fact that this man has been lying to the public since he came to office, this statement could have been acceptable. The timing of the release alone, just before the next sitting of the legislature when the opposition is about to hound him again for alledged political interference in the Basi trial, is very suspect. Then he comes out with this silly grin like a kid caught with his hand in the candy jar and spouts off how he didn't know. This from the biggest control freak ever to govern this province. A man who wouldn't resign even when he was convicted of DUI. This whole matter is very suspicious indeed.

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