Lawyers in BC Rail case want Premier to testify

Lawyers for two accused government aids in the Legislature Raids back in 2003 are demanding that Premier Gordon Campbell testify as to why he arbitrarily changed protocol last May in the handling of documents in the case.
Stating for years that there was no political interference the government had sought to supress documents in the case that they considered "cabinet priviledge" and "lawyer client priviledge" it turns out that the documents in question today were in fact handled by a cabinet secretary up until last May. The Premier has since had the Deputy Attorney General handle them.
Further, in demanding the presence of the Premier in Court the government lawyer in the case has asked that a list of questions be prepared. I assume that is so they can pick the questions they want to answer. Or maybe to spin the answers.

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Anonymous said...

There is no way that this premier will make it to court. There are too many factors involved. Not the least of which is manipulating the law