MSM is waking up in Vancouver

There were two columns in The Sun today which appear to be breaking through the code of silence in the Media in this town. The first by Ian Mulgrew reporting on political incidents here in full. What a breath of fresh air.

The second by Vaughn Palmer was a complete surprise. Not only did he report the facts without really slagging the NDP. He reported it completely,taking words from Hansard and commenting on them properly.

Take note though, that I am fairly sure that this change in direction could be due to two things. First that the MSM has egg on their face from a report in court that the Liberals in this province were manipulating the MSM. And secondly, that quite a few Bloggers have noticed their lack of reporing on the Basi-Virk trial or the Legislature Raids for the past four years. There being only one reporter in the forefront in reporting this case. Bill Tieleman.

I don't really care that these reporters may now be trying to grab the spotlight. Tieleman is the one to read. He has all the facts. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Gazetteer said...

Hey, GE!

Why the heckfire didn't you tell us you had a site up?

Great to see....I'll get a link up at my place real soon.



Gary E said...

Thanks RossK

As it states in the masthead, I'm new at this so there will be delays and errors. Every time I open this thing there is something to learn. I realize the biggest thing is editing. And I figured we could use more exposure on a lot of items that are not normally reported in the MSM. Although I see that they appear to be waking up this week.

Gazetteer said...


Look forward to reading more.


Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my reporting Gary E and welcome to the blogging life!

Most appreciated and I will continue to report on this case, resuming April 14 with yet another courtroom update appearance.

Gary E said...

Bill, you are most welcome. I sometimes flair up at the goings on in this province but this blogging seems to be therapeutic.

There is a good chance I will "see you in court" on the 14th. Still unconfirmed. Won't know till Friday.