Where Is This Piece In The MSM

I awoke this morning and read my primary online news at the Terrace Daily online and they had a huge item at the top of the page. Some say that Terrace council has done a 360 on their position but I believe that it is only about 90 degrees as they had not committed either way.


After searching until about 11 AM I was unable to find anything in the MSM . But remember when it took a Micro Second for them to announce the Elmer Derrick illegal signing?

Merv Ritchie remembers too. For he wrote this twelve hours later.

I am reminded by Laila Yuile that we may be a small voice in the wilderness but I believe that we can get louder.

If you are a blogger please cross post this article by Merv. If the blogosphere goes viral then the MSM may wake up.
If you are not a blogger then copy and pate the email to your emails and send it to your friends. Let's put a stop to the Big media bias in this province. Get the word out.

Gary E

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Mary Reynolds Union Bay said...

Happened across your blog today and found it very interesting. Appreciate your "no bull" posts. Will be back.