An Open Letter To Donna Barnett

Dear Donna Barnett

    After fighting the draconian HST set in place by Gordon Campbell,
for two years, at great personal and financial expense I am today
informed that your party is appointing a (political) panel to see how
you can tweak the PST.

    For starters the referendum was set in such a way as to have the
PST returned in it's original form. Not to be messed with . I see this
as a further delay in restoring our tax system the way it was. We
expect nothing less than what we fought for.

    You, yourself had misgivings about this tax in the very beginning
but within days did a complete turnaround. You said you would follow
the wishes of your constituents. You did not do that and as such set
yourself up for recall.

    Every day seniors in this province are losing much of there
disposable income and that situation is brought on by this tax. Small
Businesses and restaurants  are being affected as well as the
construction industry.

    My question to you is: "What, if anything,are you doing for the
majority of your constituents to expedite legislation to return us to
the norm?" The system wasn't complicated to change to HST and took
about three months, and therefore it can't be as complicated to
reverse it as Minister Falcon states almost daily. That is what the
referendum was for.To revers the legislation.

The answers I require will not have anything to do with your party
line. I want to know what you are doing about this. What Daily fight
are you putting up for your constituents?

    I have written a couple of emails to you with only the standard
response that you received them. So I must advise you that this
letter, which I deem as "very important" will be posted on my blog How
Bad Is The Record as an open letter.


Gary Edwards
Deka Lake

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