Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional Votes Down Tankers

The MSM has ignored the Terrace Councillors turning down the Enbridge Pipeline. Now lets see id they can ignore what the SQCRD has done.

Merv Ritchie has the story Here

Just to let you know what damage the MSM is doing by not informing people of these rejections here's a little story.

I was on the ice this morning (caught 4) and was having a conversation with a fellow from the coast. Although our politics differed we have the same views on poisoning lakes and polluting the environment. He is dead set against the pipeline. But here's the rub. He knew absolutely nothing about Terrace Council coming out against the pipeline and is he ever pissed about them not reporting that fact.. I can hardly wait till tomorrow to tell him this great news.


kootcoot said...

Don't forget Gary, Campbell had the law passed that gave the province the right to over ride local governments. I don't remember the name or number of the bill, but it was during a dispute over some project down around Squamish, IIRC.

Gary E said...

I remember quite well when Her Dicktater forced that law through Kootcoot. And I seem to remember commenting somewhere that it would be used in the future for one reason or the other. And now we know for what reason. The problem for the Lieberals is that they won't be around long and I think there is going to be a lot of Legislative repeals and many more Inquiries. And I believe that the reason the NDP isn't speaking out louder on some issues is that they might not want to tip their hand.

Of course I could be wrong.

I'm trying to remember the issue in Squamish as well. I think it might have been around the giveaway of BCR lands near the Mamquam Channel. Or maybe further up the road where the Locomotive shop used to be.

Gary E said...

That should be HERR Dicktater.

kootcoot said...

re: your correction Gary,

You were just accidentally speaking of today, you know our UN-ELECTED Her DickTaToress.........

The project around Squamish was an IPP or some other industrial project that was unanimously opposed by all local municipalities and the Regional District, none of whom would grant building/development permits - so the LIEberals over rode them with the new law

Gary E said...

My first thought today upon waking up was "I wonder if someone will write in and tell me I can't spell Dictator. Those are the ones that want to find fault in everything you do. Unlike Kootcoot who sees what is being done and further adds valued comments.

I'm going to try and search that fiasco in Squamish after I get in from fishing Koot. Of course NVG may beat me to the punch. He's usually pretty good.

By the way Kootcoot another thing is nagging me. Was it you or Ross K that coined the "NOT" Premier? I thought about that after I had questioned it in a post below.

Hugh said...

I think you're talking about Bill 30, 2006. Here's some info:


I remember when there was a court challenge to the Accenture dead. They got around that by making the Accenture deal not subject to common law. Fer chrissakes.

Gary E said...

Thanks for the link Hugh. It's a pretty good read.