The Next Gordon Campbell Lie

Is there anything that comes out of Gordon Campbells mouth that is not a lie?

"The harmonized GST would make it harder for future provincial governments to lower or raise sales tax rates, which reduces flexibility. In short, a harmonized GST is not something that is contemplated in the B.C. Liberal platform."

So we've hardly taken a breath after the last election and this lie is perpetuated. Gordon Campbell, everyone else is trying desperately not to use the three letter word. Well I've had enough. You and your party are goddamn Liars. Sue me if you want but I AM TELLING THE TRUTH.
Enough of this bullshit. Resign and do it now. You are not representing the best interest of any voters in British Columbia. You have no mandate to do the things you are doing. You are destroying this province one piece at a time.

And to save yourself more money for your mega projects you just canceled the no interest loans for the people that your big business buddies screwed in building their condos. Have you no shame.


Leah said...

Hear! Hear! I've stolen your comment to stick on my SU blog, and I'm going to Facebook it too...the people of this province need to get off their apathetic asses and start paying attention! Better yet, get mad enough to DO something!

Good on you Gary!

Gary E said...

Thanks Leah

As a matter of course I just commented on Rafes column about Campbell rescuing Plutonic in the Tyee. Large protests need to be started NOW and kept up until this Liar resigns.

Gamedev said...

Thanks for that, Gary! I feel the same way and have for years. Campbell and every leader of the BC right-wing parties have been and are, liars. This lying and having CanWest cover it up has been going on since I was a kid. The major difference now is that we have NO rules that apply to the media and prevent them from lying outright.

I grew up watching Lou Grant on tv, where he portrayed the editor of the Chicago Tribune. If they ran a story that was untrue they usually fired the journalist and were threatened with having their license to publish removed by government. Whatever happened to those days? We now suffer with completely untrue stories, major distortions of stories and outright lies by polititians printed with impunity.

If it goes to court, the corporation wins no matter how much evidence is presented against them. They have the money and lawyers to keep it in court until you run out of funds and thats the end of it. I am sooo frustrated by this, I am considering leaving the province but i'm having trouble finding a place where it is different...

Gary E said...

Welcome to the comment board here gamedev. You wrote about Lou Grant and said:

"If they ran a story that was untrue they usually fired the journalist and were threatened with having their license to publish removed by government"

I remember that show. I was much younger then myself and thought it was a pretty good spinoff from Mary Tyler Moore.

The trouble today is that the MSM, particularly in British Columbia has morphed in to ass kissers of the government. Particularly that of Gordon Campbell. I think that the reverse has become true, that if a government is dissed the columnist or reporter is afraid of losing their job. In this province that has become very clear to me in the way that Baldry and Palmer write or comment pastily on what is going on around them. Mike Smyth appears to be the only one on his feet regularly. But I notice David Bains came out swinging the other day as well.
The Can West media is bleeding money. But they haven't figured out that they are losing readership. And with that, advertisers. No ads, no money.
With Chrysler and GM in dire straits their ads for new cars has dropped considerably.
Has anyone noticed the piece (an ad) in these papers litteraly kissing the asses of the Big Three automakers?

North Van's Grumps said...


Check this out....its a movie camera mounted on a BC Highways Department truck showing off the Kickinghorse Highway..... and a motorist is caught passing on a double solid line. Now if only the technology that captures license plates to pay for the Golden Ears Bridge could be utilized .......

There are two instances of dangerous driving, one at the very beginning and one at the very end. Both times it happens on a curve.. that's why the line is double.