Campbell Spinning The New Harmonization Taxes

“This is the single biggest thing we can do to improve B.C.’s economy,” said Premier Gordon Campbell. “This is an essential step to make our businesses more competitive, encourage billions of dollars in new investment, lower costs on productivity and reduce administrative costs to B.C. taxpayers and businesses. Most importantly, this will create jobs and generate long-term economic growth that will in turn generate more revenue to sustain and improve crucial public services.”

Campbell if you think that business will pass their windfall on to consumers then I submit sir you seriously need psychiatric help in the worst way.

Where did you ever get the idea that your big business buddies would do other than show their shareholders a better bottom line? If you think that, then there is something seriously amiss inside your cranium.

Wake up BC. Its time to stop feeding these fools. The underground economy saves you a hell of a lot of money.


Leah said...

This proves it - the man needs to vacate the big chair. He really does believe we are as stupid as he wants us to be...well...I guess some are. They voted for him. Or they didn't vote at all.

That's the only bright light in this stupidity - those that voted for him, and the 52% that didn't vote at all will have to pay the 12% too. Wonder if that will change some minds next time around?

Leah said...

Well Gary - this will make your day! Our provincial PST coffers are short 4.5 million dollars as a result of Terasen finding a loop-hole in their contract. That's the amount of PST they should have to pay - the actual amount paid = 0.00 .

Now, the next time someone in government says the reason they deserve to be paid so highly is to attract the best minds...luring them from the private sector, they should be slapped with a sock full of rocks and then be reminded of this little faux pas.

If a person were working in the private sector, whose responsibility it was to proof sales contracts for items such as these handy little loopholes yet somehow missed one like that...how long do you think he/she would be working in the "private sector"? Right! About 3.4 seconds!

Only in the best of government minds can you find something that hideous - yet pat the writers of the contract on the back. I think we need to give them a pay cut retroactive to 2001...let's say about 50%. I know, I know, that would mean some of them still got a raise...but what the hell...I'm feeling magnanimous today. Sort of.

Only in government will you find people promoted to their level of incompetence...the higher up, the more incompetent it appears.

Anonymous said...

Faux the ppl and pass da gravy train or OUR BCR.
We the people of BC need to come together for a General Strike as WE have more power than these fiberal gangsters!